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Colter Wehmeier will present at the next Clowder webinar in February on his use of Clowder.  Webinar scheduled for February.

Release was done. There are a few PR's to do.

Anybody have tensor flow on VM (openstack) experience?  Please let Todd know.


Alex at Syngenta found another bug.  Field ranges is not working.  Max is working on fixing this. Can recreate using their data, but not our data.  May be a weird indexing.

Reviewing branches

Mike L.

Took a look at the graylog.  Querying graylog with docker service name. Clowder stores with name from extractor_info.json , so there seems to be a mismatch.  Names must be synced.  New ticket not yet created.  Will work on this after the break.

Design is almost finalized.  Please advertise the design page in slack asking for feedback. Centralized Reporting & Monitoring

clowder-test  PR.  Issues getting this to run.  There is no docker file. Bing Zhang please work with Mike on this.


Steve at CSL is using Clowder but is having issues using metadata.  Often they just need to use datasets rather than metadata. Folders cannot contain metadata.

Michael JPut in a PR for core extractors.  Issue with image rotation.  Fixed orientation.  Zip file with test image will be sent to Luigi.  Rob suggests we set a flag to remind user to turn on extractor.

update pull request of clowder test.

update README of clowder test.

pull request of health monitor.

Mike B.


·main site fix, other demos, incl

· 1 that got picked faceting lib

· SPARQL query's;reduced by in-page lib

·got tasks determined and refined now

·Still need headless run&more talk planning

·finished KnGraph classlast week

Search no longer using clowder nor it's ES_index,

 will still feed back what I learn; also have a thread in #dev

MarkPR for readme file.

please let Shannon know if you have any ideas for the newsletter - I hope to publish it end of January - Permafrost? Radiant? Earthcube?

  • article on Radiant - include Permafrost and the Earthcube instance
  • have a standing reminder about Slack office hours

The deadline for Permafrost abstract submission, which has not yet opened, will be in late spring. They are waiting for US Permafrost Association's board approval to change the meeting date from July to October.