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DFDL InfosetDaffodil's JDOM XML InfosetScala scala.xml.Node Infoset
Document Information ItemJDOM DocumentThe document is represented by the root element. There is no separate document item.
dfdlVersionattribute daffodil:dfdlVersion on the root element.none
schema (reserved for future use)(no implementation)none


attribute daf:unicodeByteOrderMark on the root element.same attribute scheme as JDOM
Element Information ItemJDOM Elementscala.xml.Elem
namespacegetNamespace(): org.jdom.Namespacedef namespace: String
namegetName(): Stringdef name: String
documentgetDocument()none (see parent)

attribute xsi:type with value one of the set of XML Schema simple type QNames that are in the DFDL Subset of XML Schema.

For example: xsi:type='xs:string'

By convention, the prefix 'xsi' and 'xs' denote here the usual standard namespace URIs.

same attribute scheme as JDOM

For simple types other than xs:string, the cannonical XML representation of the value, as returned by getText().

However, for the value nil, the representation is an element with no value having the xsi:nil='true' attribute.

For type xs:string, the DFDL Infoset allows representation of characters that are illegal in XML.

These are represented by replacing them with characters in the Unicode Private Use Area by a scheme described below.

def text: String to obtain cannonical text.

Nil representation is the same attribute scheme.

Values containing XML-illegal characters use the same scheme.

childrengetChildren()def child: Node*


Scala XML nodes are immutable, and do not have parent references.

This allows nodes to be shared.


A special attribute dafi:schemaComponentID has a value which can be used to retrieve the associated schema component.

(Not yet implemented: means to create a standard Schema Component Designator  or SCD)

Same attribute scheme
valid(Not yet implemented)(not yet implemented)
unionMemberSchema(Not yet implemented)(not yet implemented)
"No Value"A JDOM Element with no children, and with no dataValue is the representation of an element with "No Value".A scala Elem with no children and no dataValue.
Augmented Infoset

A JDOM Element with a special marker attribute: dafidafint:hidden='true' signifies that the element is part of the augmented infoset.

This attribute is used to identify and filter out elements when the un-augmented infoset is needed.

Same attribute scheme, but on scala.xml.Elem element.