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Discussion items:

  • Release 1.19.  Announced on Slack.  Newsletter should go out sometime in the next two weeks.  Luigi needs help with git pages for the website.  Some dependencies are not working
  • We have an intern (graduate student) to work on the IBM project.  Goal is to use Permafrost Discovery Gateway and IN-CORE, creating a relationship between the projects and Code-Flare  He will be invited to these meetings as we move forward on this collaboration.
  • Kathryn Naum will onboard the intern and see if he needs a desk, groups to join, etc.
  • Clowder Tiers - here is the active sheet re: tiers
  • Do we want to make DOI minting available?
  • Clowder 2.0 - Documentation  We want this to be compatible with previous versions of Clowder.  We need to figure out the Python portion of 2.0.  Would be worthwhile to look at the request response models with the front end and back end. Luigi will look into using FastAPI.
  • Get the login working with GWT. 
  • We ultimately want to get contributions from external sources so the code needs to be both accurate and consistent.
  • We want to get feedback on these changes periodically to have people test Clowder 2.0, not after it's completed.
  • Those on CSSI will be asked to allocate time to work on this.
Mike L.
Mike B.
  • bringing sushi
Michael Jabsent
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Action Items/To Dos: