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Clowder 2.0 Breakdown of prioritization

Service Model Update (Business Office Meeting)

Slack Channel for Internal Use - Done. v2


Luigi talked about 2.0 and wants all to show exactly what they are working on so that we are all on the same page with the code and language in these meetings.

If you are working on 2.0 please join Clowder v2 channel so everyone can see questions/issues/updates immediately.

Design before we implement

Schedule for Clowder 2.0

Where do we want to track issues for 2.0? GitHub? Wiki? GITHUB!

Do a UI mockup or show diagrams where applicable.

Decide what licenses we need.

Create a metadata template.

Remember that Alpha 1 is the most complex task of all.

At this point, this is all internal, but once we get velocity and all team is on board, we will share with external collaborators.


  • Black python code for setup
  • Docker compose - technical discussion on code (traefik, MinIO, Mongo, nginx) (Rob, Mike, Luigi, Max)
  • API router technical discussion
  • issue with PyObject ID - get a fail
  • Test your PR's!!
  • Mike Lambert notes: I get this a lot with V1 Clowder…
  • Docker compose should be its own in the backend and create a new one for the frontend.
  • Should we put everything in one repository?
  • CAn we start to push to docker hub


Apologies, I may have had a slightly older branch checked out… but once I pulled, it did break. Sadly, I can’t even see the actual commit hashes that were fetched b/c GitHub desktop is mean

Given overview of React - thank you Chen Wang 

Generating Open API v1 and Open API v2 clients to help with integration (Chen's advice is to focus on v2 for now, worry about v1 later) 

Looking into Docker compose and how to reuse the compose file from the fastapi git repo (instead of maintaining a separate copy)


  • what is live like without Luigi 


  • Go around room and give updates
  • 2.0 related
    • backend
    • frontend
  • push to
    • image pattern could be clowder/clowder-fastapi and clowder/clowder-react
  • Versioning design
    • Looking at what Box is doing
    • Need backend endpoints for 
      • have a field in the file object that indicates the version
      • list all available versions for a file with the same fileId(?) - Q: how does minio works?
      • version is on the minio, but we might need to pull that information and store in mongodb
      • Research on how Box handle version : actions about delete a middle version (auto incrementing happens or not)? How do we show version number? Document my find!
      • new metadata; and new previewer coming with new version
        • divide metadata content to be version dependent vs version dependent
      • what is our base piece: are we keeping spaces as dataset or are we moving to : are we adopting gitlab group pattern
    • Continue the discussion the next week
    • Make sure that everyone is clear that this is still an Alpha version and the data here is not guaranteed to be compatible with the next version!
  • Rob and Chen working looking at deploying clowder on nightingale

Convert the above into a github issue/wiki ^^^

Mike L.
  • Reviewing Chen's 2 PRs
  • Need to make a PR for Docker + compose changes/additions for react
  • Need to make a PR for OpenAPI generation in react
  • Need to start notes/discussion about the above two concepts and share them
ToddPull request open in 2.0 - adding files to dataset, delete file, delete dataset and all files inside
Mike B.

OoO Nov17-23rdabsent

Robno clowder updates
Michael Jabsent
  •  Resolve RabbitMQ connection issue.
  •  Meet with IN-CORE and PDG scientists.
  •  Investigate current PDG ML pipeline.
  •  Docker and RabbitMQ networking learning (in progress)

typescript PR ready to be reviewed and merge:

Wants to start a conversation next weekabout backend CRUD as it relates to minio.

Luigi suggests you start a list and share with everyone.

Tag it if you want to go back to it.

Chen suggests that API v1 there is a different code for API v2.  We will need an authentication client for v2

Katieout next week
Lisaout next week
  • Typescript PR merged and tagged with 0.0.2 tag; V1 branch off this
  • Split routes into /dashboard, /files and /datasets
  • Add github action
  • fixed a little bit on eslint; have additional issue to address that

Action Items/To Dos:

  •   Workbench Webinar in 2022 ending CDDR?