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You can create an account for yourself by registering on the confluence page ( At this point you will have basic access rights, you can add bug reports to most projects, clone repositories. Once you have an account you can use that to contact the admins of a project you are interested in joining on the project page (

Creating a Project

You can request a new project by sending an email to Please make sure you include the following information:

  • License: what is the license your project will be distributed under
  • Contact: who is the main contact (include NCSA Open Source account)
  • Key: All caps key (5 chars or less)
  • Short Description: A twitter like description (140 chars or less)
  • Long Description: A longer description about the project
  • What is needed: Subset of confluence, jira, Bitbucket and bamboo

Project Pages

All projects hosts on this server are listed on the project page ( You can there select a single project and get more information about that project. You can also go directly to that page, for example to get to the Brown Dog page (key is BD) you can go to Each project will have a unique page that can be reached using the project key.