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  • fix bug causing duplicate elements to be added to the infoset
  • fix bug where delimiters containing DFDL character entities but not starting with a DFDL character entity caused a schema definition error


  • fix bug where the debugger/tracer attempted to access a non-existent element after a parse failure

Daffodil 0.10.0


  • xs:include and xs:import now work with relative file schemaLocations
  • respect minOccurs when occursCountKind="implicit"
  • diagnostics improvements
  • fix 7-bit USASCII with implicit alignment
  • add schema definition warning if xs:appinfo source is incorrect
  • fix unsignedXXX values
  • improve schema definition error detection
  • eliminate duplicate errors
  • require that a complexType must have exactly one child, which must be a sequence, choice, or group reference
  • allow spaces in pathnames to input files and schemas
  • calculated values (e.g. inputValueCalc) maintain their precision in error messages
  • check for invalid DFDL entities
  • support for escaping percent sign