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  • Check 1 year run for Sorghum and Maize Basalt
    • Is the timestamp shift fixed?
  • Check eddypro error for Miscanthus Basalt and Miscanthus Control 

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       Reading alternative metadata file: "C:\Workspace-ameriflux\ameriflux-pipeline\ameriflux_pipeline\data_miscanthus_basalt\eddypro\input\2021-07-01T000000_Miscanthus-Basalt-Gill.metadata"..
        Warning(84)> Implausible displacement height value detected.
        Warning(84)> Displacement height defaulted to 0.67 times the canopy height.
        Warning(85)> Implausible roughness length value detected.
        Warning(85)> Roughness length  defaulted to 0.15 times the canopy height,
        Warning(85)> or to 1.0mm if canopy height is zero.
         Warning(1001)> Invalid metadata.
         Warning(1001)> It seems that a data column was selected for flux computation, which was declared either as "ignore" or "not numeric".
         Warning(1001)> Check the metadata file and the selected data columns.
         Warning(1001)> Problem detected for column n. 11
         Fatal error(23)> Occurred while validating "Alternative metadata file".
         Fatal error(23)> Check entries in the "Metadata file editor" and try again.
         Fatal error(23)> Program execution aborted.

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