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contributor: Yong Wook Kim 

namedescription where it's usednotes
HOST_IP the ip address of minioIt is not being used anymore and replaced to MINIO_URL because the naming was confusing
MINIO_URL the ip address or url for minio (internal or external)This should be the similar to MINIO_PUBLIC_ACCESS_URL. However, in kubernetes, there are the minio url that is being used in kubernetes internal network, and the external minio url also needed to created the link for the minio access.
MINIO_PUBLIC_ACCESS_URL the ip address or url for minio (external)This is the external access url for minio that is used to access minio for accessing the images in minio or downloading the data from minio. In case of kubernetes, MINIO_URL and MINIO_PUBLIC_ACCESS_URL might be different, but if it is docker compose, they would be identical.
RABBITMQ_HOST the ip address or url for rabbitmg (internal or external)Similar concept to minio url. This is the url for rabbitmq that might be used in kubernetes internal network. Kubernetes' components will try to access rabbitmq by using this url inside the kubernetes network.
RABBITMQ_URL the ip address or url for rabbitmq (externa)RabbitMQ's external url that can be accessed outside the kubernetes network. You can access rabbitmq control panel using the browser using this URL.