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Daffodil 0.11.x

Full Changelog

Daffodil 0.11.0


  • add support for runtime expressions in byteOrder
  • add support for sequenceKind="unordered"
  • add support for infoset validation, three modes
    1. "on": check constraints and Xerces validation
    2. "limited": check constraints, no Xerces validation
    3. "off"" no validation performed
  • add support for external variables
  • add support for advanced text number properties:
    • textStandardDecimalSeparator (static & dynamic)
    • textStandardGroupingDeparator (static & dynamic)
    • textStandardExponentRep (static & dynamic) (renamed from textStandardExponentCharacter)
    • textStandardInfinityRep
    • textStandardNaNRep
    • textStandardZeroRep
    • textNumberPattern
    • textNumberCheckPolicy
    • textNumberRounding
    • textNumberRoundingMode
    • textNumberRoundingIncrement
  • add new DFDL expression compiler to better detect invalid expressions, primarily those related to unordered sequences
  • add min/maxOccurs validation check
  • require appinfo source attribute to be ""
  • add support for binary and text xs:decimal type
  • improve diagnostics when a variable is used but not set 
  • fix bug with dynamic separators using variables
  • fix SDE detection on last required element when maxOccurs="unbounded" and {{occursCountKind="implicit"}}
  • fix lengthKind='pattern' to not error when a match is not found, but instead to return a length of zero
  • fix bug where nonNegativeInteger range was not checked correctly
  • fix bug iso-8859-1 support

Java API

  • fix bug in JAPI default log writer causing logs to fail to write


  • new options to enable external variables
    • -D, --variables to define one or more external variables
    • -c, --config to define an XML file containing external variables
  • new option for validation
    • --validation-mode=<mode>, where mode can be "on", "off", or "limited"


  • ability to enable validation via a new attribute, validation="<mode>", placed on a parserTestCase 


  • new function added to the DataProcessor to modify validation mode: setValidationMode(mode)
  • new compile methods added to to supply external variables, one method takes a Map and one takes a File
  • new methods added to the DataProcessor to the DataProcessor to supply external variables, setExternalVariables(), which can accept wither a FileMap, or list of Binding

Daffodil 0.10.x

Full Changelog

Daffodil 0.10.1