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Daffodil 0.12.x

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Daffodil 0.12.0


  • upgrade to Saxon-HE-9.5.1-1 and jdom2-2.0.5


  • check for unescaped curly braces in DFDL literals
  • ignore dfdl:representation when type is xs:hexBinary or xs:string. Representation is assumed to be binary with xs:hexBinary, and text with xs:string
  • remove defaulting of dfdl:sequenceKind to ordered. The property must now be specified
  • fix bug causing the use of the wrong root element when not provided via the API or CLI
  • report schema definition error when no terminator is supplied, but lengthKind='delimited' and tralingSkip > 0
  • add check for alignment ambiguity
  • require xs:string and xs:hexBinary to defined minOccurs/maxOccurs when lengthKind='implicit'
  • when a delimiter is not found, display what was found in the error message
  • check for distinctness of delimiters
  • disallow whitespace in some properties. Instead the DFDL character entites such as %SP; must be used instead
  • perform escapeChar and escapeEscapeChar compilation optimizations at compile time to prevent run-time evaluations


  • add new function to the compiler ({{setValidateDFDLSchemas}}) to enable/disable DFDL schema validation, such as unique particle attribute and various facet related checks


  • modify --validation-mode option to have the form --validate [mode]. If mode is not provided, it defaults to "on". If --validate is not provided, validation defaults to "off".

Daffodil 0.11.x

Full Changelog

Daffodil 0.11.0