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Chen Wang Yong Wook Kim

Status check

  • Twitter paid plan in progress. Lisa needs to submit P-Card exception which takes time. Remind myself in 2 weeks
  • Email Iink fixes built and deployed. Release new versions shortly
  • Google analytics
  • Radiant update status check → Doesn't affect us
  • ArgoCD → Related to Redis Volume (When the volume was unmounted, the argoCD complained so just remounted the volume again)
  • Clowder extractor bug → Proper fix will be done and new Clowder release coming soon. Need to double check if we need to do anything (the NCSA clowder helm chart version will change or not)


  • Slides/presenations for Gateways23 Nov.1 and invited talk at Applied Research Institution Nov.6 (Chen)
  • Upload raw social media data to Clowder bugfix (Chen/YWK)
  • Rewrite AutoPhrase (Chen)
  • Github Actions. Details please refer to last week's note (YWK)
  • Repo reorganization (YWK)


  • Travel documents received?
  • Meet up at the Champaign airport ~10:30 am. flight at 11:27
  • Meet up at PIT ~ 5:00, flight at 6:27 PM


  • GC_KEY
  • Email
  • Releases


  • Questiona about Volume: How to increase/ request more volume in radiant? Don’t see it in the request for Radiant project.