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  1. Please make sure you have JAVA installed on your computer. If you don't, you can download it here:
  2. Download the SEAD Uploader jar file :  sead2.0.12.jar
  3. For SEAD 1.5 only, request the sead-google.json file by sending an email to
  4. On your computer, open the root directory that contains files and folders you would like to upload to your Project Space in SEAD.
  5. Put the sead1sead2.2e0.12.jar file and (for 1.5) sead-google.json files in this directory.
  6. Holding the SHIFT button, right click on your mouse to open a menu. Select the "Open Command Window Here" option.
  7. Once you have the Command Window open, invoke the SEADUploader by typing the following in the Command Window:

java -cp sead2.0.12.jar org.sead.acr.client.SEADUploader -sead2 <-listonly> <-merge> <-limit<X>> <-ex<Y>> <serverUrl> <directories/files list...>