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Daffodil 0.14.x

Full Changelog

Daffodil 0.14.0


  • support for bitOrder property
  • support for encodingErrorPolicy="replace"
  • fix bug where schemas using import/include were not properly validated, causing various error messages
  • fix bug where lengthKind="explicit" in some cases incorrectly included initiators and terminators in the content length
  • various performance improvements, with some parses having increased speed of ~30%
  • improve error messages when invalid regular expressions are used in properties like testPattern and lengthPattern
  • fix error with when runtime byteOrder expressions fail
  • fix potential thread safety bugs in delimiter scanning


  • decrease the amount of memory needed for performance suboption, allowing for many more input files to be used
  • removed the --namespace option and modified --root option to optionally include the namespace, for example, --namespace ns --root r is now --root {ns}r

Daffodil 0.13.x

Full Changelog

Daffodil 0.13.0