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To begin, we need to create a new scenario. A scenario is similar to a project and is a way to organize.

Create New Scenario

To create a new scenario, go to the File menu again and select File > New Scenario. You should see a dialog similar to the one below:


We now have a scenario to start working with and an empty window which will display the results after we run the analysis.

Setup Analysis for Execution

The next step is to setup and run the Tsunami damage analysis. To get started, in the view tab that is called Ergo EQ, right click on the new scenario we created to bring up a menu of options and select Execute Analysis. See the image below for an example:


Once all the information is entered, the box around Building Tsunami Damage should turn green to indicate it is ready to execute. The Execute button that was previously disabled should now be enabled. Click the Execute button to run the analysis.

View Analysis Results

Once the analysis is finished, find the tab that has the name of your scenario (e.g. Tsunami - Sample (2D) if you chose the name we did) and click on it to see the results. Your view should look similar to the one below: