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Daffodil 0.15.x

Full Changelog

Daffodil 0.15.0


  • license information for dependencies is not distributed in the released files
  • remove test dependencies from released files
  • use a plugin to create release files rather than our own custom packager


  • replace Saxon with custom written DFDL Expression compiler/evaluator. This causes large performance improvements when parsing files that rely on DFDL expressions.
  • temporarily remove support for unordered sequences
  • remove support for query-style paths in DFDL expressions
  • add dfdl namespace XPath constructor functions
  • add support for the ability to serialize and deserialize parsers


  • support the -P/--parser option to use a saved parser in the parse and performance subcommands
  • support the save-parser subcommand


  • changes to properly support the saving and reloading of parsers

Daffodil 0.14.x

Full Changelog

Daffodil 0.14.0