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Daffodil 1.0.x

Full Changelog

Daffodil 1.0.0


  • schemas inside jars on the classpath can now be linked via include/import statements
  • updates to DFDL expression parser to fix numerous bugs and add features
    • add date, time, constructors
    • add timeZoneFromDateTime, Time, and Date functions
    • add comparison operators for booleans
    • improve error messages
  • support empty strings in long-form properties
  • throw SDE when testPattern is empty but testKind="pattern"
  • throw SDE when inputValueCalc is used on optional or non-scalar elements 
  • improve numerous diagnostic error messages
  • improve performance when writing hexBinary to the infoset
  • support %ES; in delimiters to make a delimiter optional
  • fix non-thread-safe code related to text numbers
  • fix numerous typos and grammatical errors
  • fix delimiter scanning with %WSP*;
  • add tests to validate Java 8 support
  • check for disallows regular expression constructs
  • add ability to specify a temporary directory, currently only useful as part of TDML tests
  • improve performance when processing errors are heavily used for backtracking