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WhoMonday - PlannedFriday - Accomplished
Brock Angelo
  • Prep for the IMLCZO demo on Friday
    • Ingest HOBO data
    • Assist with the Sensor creation form on Medici
    • Any additional UI updates
  • Friday afternoon: plan for the SeaGrant meeting on 3/20
  • HOBO Ingestion Script completed
  • Friday demo completed with most tasks delivered
  • Several UI updates to Geodashboard and Medici Sensor Creation form
Dave Mattson  
  • Continue Planning for 18 month review
    • followup with use-cases
    • logistics: flights, hotel
    • Begin looking at PM presentation
  • Employee Evals
  • 18 month review: use-case followup, logistics (all flights are set), working on finances - follow with co-PIs, subs
  • Review / edit docs for Jong
  • MWRD meeting, discussions re: Chicago / Minsker new requests
  • Reviewed RP candidates
Edgar F. Black
  • Continue working on DFDL schema for MSC spreadsheets
    • The XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) language will be tested as an option to finish the job.
    • the idea is to transforming the raw XML document produced by daffodil into other XML document that better suit our needs
  • Work on future developments (ideas) for the MSC project.
Liana Diesendruck
  • Refine river extractor results:
    • get better at erasing labels
    • create output file in correct format
  • Push fix for OCR extractor
  • Review pull request for pymedici
Mario Felarca  
Rob Kooper
  • Finish openstack (quotes and whitepaper)
  • Integrate BrownDog into PEcAn
  • switch IMLCZO hostnames
  • Elasticity spring / deployment
  • Testing medici
  • Quotes are being collected
  • imlczo migrated
  • elasticity deployed
  • created softwareserver-0004 (pecan)
  • created extractor-0019 (arcgis)
Jong Lee  
Rui Liu
  • Earthcube: work on the user metadata use case, starting from the CSV format.
  • Earthcube: work on the  model/data matching use case, look into Peishi's files and see how to integrate them into the service
  • Elasticity deployment
Luigi Marini  
Kenton McHenry
  • bd-wget
  • refine demo scripts for BD review
  • use case tech report
  • Implemented bd command line interface
  • Revised BD review agenda
  • Revised BD demo scripts
  • Added threading to DTS tests
Christopher Navarro
  • ERGO/NIST - review NIST proposal tasks, discuss next steps with Jong, focus on JIRA tasks
  • CyberSEES - finish flow table editor, meeting to discuss GI Notebook architecture
  • MSR - NFIE meeting, help debug Rapid issue with Tingting
Michal Ondrejcek
  1. Finish retrieval of the temperature related data from the database, MWRD-142, MWRD-143, MWRD-144
  2. Add temperature to the dashboard, MWRD-145
  3. develop NEXRAD workflow in DataWolf, MWRD-111 and MWRD-112
  4. look at NetCDF Java for direct conversion of NEXRAD data format to 1) png and 2) Stickney value
Smruti Padhy
  • Finish Critical Zone Use Case DAP Service
  • CZ DTS Services
  • Revisit Chrome Extension UI
Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan
  • Start work on a person tracking previewer for Groupscope
  • Test person-tracking and person-detection extractor in extractor-0014 machine
  • Go through Groupscope ORM paper reviewer's comments and make a draft of what needs to be done
  • Follow up with XSEDE admins and complete fixing video display issue in Gordon
  • Complete fixing extractor crashing issue in Gordon
  • Started working on a person tracking previewer for Groupscope
  • Tested person-detection extractor in extractor-0014 machine
  • Went through Groupscope ORM paper reviewer's comments and made a draft of important observations
  • Followed up with XSEDE admins once. Need to do it again.
Eugene Roeder  
Inna Zharnitsky
  • DownloadAs button for DTS
  • Finish content part of JSON-LD and copy to datasets and collections
  • working on DownloadAs button for DTS
  • Some more changes for MMDB-1550 pull request
Marcus Slavenas
  • Record new virtual tour for Great Lakes to Gulf site and put it into the landing page
  • Lots of small fixes to the route/green index and human preference extractors
Jason Votava
  • Continue supporting BD 18 mo review
  • Interviews/HR
  • Resume 1-1 series
  • Update NIST communication plan
  • Curated JIRA tasks
  • Presenting Scrum methods to other PMs
  • Reviewed staffing needs
  • Updated projections for BD 18 mo review