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WhoMonday - PlannedFriday - Accomplished
Brock Angelo  
Dave Mattson 
  • Brown Dog Workshop compilation video
  • Finish evaluations
  • Develop response to MWRD proposal
  • 18 month review logistics: hotel, networking people
Edgar F. Black  
Liana Diesendruck  
Mario Felarca  
Rob Kooper  
Jong Lee  
Rui Liu  
Luigi Marini  
Kenton McHenry 
  • BD Use Cases Report
  • Misc. BD development tasks
Christopher Navarro  
Michal Ondrejcek  
Smruti Padhy  
Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan  
Eugene Roeder  
Inna Zharnitsky  
Marcus Slavenas  
Jason Votava
  • Many 1-1s to catch up on after last week
  • Review allocations
  • Follow up with heavily loaded BD people
  • Possible daily reporting as needed. Two weeks left!