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  1. Install ArcGIS
    1. Available on the WebStore for free
    2. Instructions with ArcGIS work for the install
    3. ArcGIS also includes the Python that it expects to use
    4. Get the path to ArcGIS as it will be used in the next step (hereafter referred to as <ArcGIS PATH>)
  2. Add Python, pip, and pip 7zip to the Path
    1. These work for Windows 10, future versions of Windows may change how the path is altered
    2. On the control panel search for Edit the System Environment Variables, click the Environment Variables button
    3. The lower half of the new window has the system variables, choose Path and then the Edit button
    4. Click the New button, to add a new section to the path
    5. Add <ArcGIS PATH> to the top of the list of path, and <ArcGIS PATH>/Scripts right beneath it (this will use the Python installed with ArcGIS before anything else)
    6. Add "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\" to the end of the path.
      1. Quote the value due to the space in Program Files
  3. Update pip
    1. `python -m pip install -U pip`
  4. Install pika and requests
    1. The version is important as newer versions introduced errors
    2. `pip install pika==0.11.2`
    3. `pip install requests==2.18.4`
  5. Install Git Bash to run git from the command line
    1. Download and install from
  6. Install pyclowder version 1
    1. The extractors have not been updated to the latest pyclowder yet
    2. Set up a Repositories directory in home directory, and change into it
    3. From Git Bash run `git clone`
    4. Change into the zzpyclowder1 directory
    5. `python install`
  7. Install the extractor
    1. Use the version from Clowder, rather than Browndog
    2. From Git Bash run `git clone`
    3. This puts the scripts into place to be run
    4. The for each extractor will need to be updated to point to the proper RabbitMQ URL and Clowder registration endpoints
      1. For use:
        1. RabbitMQ URL: amqp://<USER>:<PASSWORD>[-dev]
        2. Clowder Registration:[-dev]/api/extractors?key=<KEY>
      2. If running everything locally then start RabbitMQ and Clowder locally, and the default values in will likely work
  8. Test that the extractor works 
    1. Run it from the cmd prompt and watch the outputs to be sure it is working properly.
    2. Also advised to upload some files to Clowder and observe that the extractor is receiving, processing and uploading the results back correctly.