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WhoMonday- PlannedFriday - Accomplished
Brock Angelo  
Dave Mattson
  • BD review
  • BD PM slides and present
  • Bring stuff to review (laser pointer, slide clicker, etc.)
  • Prepare for Indira next week
  • Travel, present, etc.
  • Slides done
  • Brought a bunch of stuff
  • Ball rolling for Indira
Edgar F. Black
  • Continue working on MSC spreadsheets from Chicago following input provided by Amalia last week.

Keep reviewing frequent pattern as well as classification mining techniques

  • Expecting a new P01 monitor form Miami.
    • New analyses can be required for some of the current subject
  • New P01 monitor arrived on Monday 13
    • P01 monitor was upload into web application
    • New analyses performed in subject H12C65. Results and some comments were sent to Norma.
  • Work on MSC spreadsheets from Chicago continues
    • Some "Locus" (A-Major and B) occurring only in subjects with high count of CMV were identified. However the importance of this is still to be determined.


Liana Diesendruck  
Mario Felarca  
Rob Kooper
  • DC
  • Fixed issue with lat/lon in MET_DRIVER file for ED, now works everywhere
  • DC
Jong Lee  
Rui Liu
  • BD Review.
  • Earthcube: work on annotation.
  • Finished BD Reivew.
  • Earthcube: had more concrete ideas on annotation use case after discussing with Mostafa; helped Mostafa get Play to working on his Windows 8 laptop (replaced "activator" with a version for Play 2.3.6). Studied CF standard names.
Luigi Marini  
Kenton McHenry
  • Completed BD Review slides
  • Help complete BD booklet
  • BD Demo prep
  • BD Review
  • Helped complete BD booklet.
  • BD Review.
Christopher NavarroBaby! 
Michal Ondrejcek
  1. Continue with the Management Tool, MWRD-114, MWRD-116
  2. Continue in improving css workflow pane, green design
Smruti Padhy  
Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan
  • Complete the current person tracking visualization tasks
  • Update person tracking extractor to extract only the required frames
  • Work on the pending VAT tasks
  • Completed the current person tracking visualization tasks created a pull request
  • Worked on pending VAT tasks and fixed issues related to video display and extractor crashing in Gordon
  • Started testing the updates in Gordon
Eugene Roeder
  • Work on Files HTML controller tests suite.
  • Work on Collections HTML controller test suite.
  • Look into issue where test files disappear when API test suite is ran.
Inna Zharnitsky
  • Make sure counters and index reset for chrome extension
  • Make pull req for DownloadAs button for medici
  • Resume working on Census Extractor
  • ResetALL button for chrome extension
  • Counters reset for chrome extension
  • index reset for the extension
  • downloadAs button code in medici - user authorization with the polyglot server - started
  • chrome extension - user authorization with the polyglot - started
Marcus Slavenas
  • Testing and fixing extractors for 18 month review
  • Implement galaxy conversion as DAP
  • Test extractors
    • Add some error handling of matlab output
Jason Votava
  • Finalize BD 18mo materials.
  • Travel to NSF Wed-Fri
  • Successfully delivered BD 18mo review!
  • Sleep the Odin sleep.