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WhoMonday - PlannedFriday - Accomplished
Brock Angelo  
Dave Mattson 
  • Followup from review - update slides, PDFs, help with questions, etc.
  • Reschedule next MWRD meeting
Edgar F. Black  
Liana Diesendruck  
Mario Felarca  
Rob Kooper  
Jong Lee  
Rui Liu
  • BD: test new cloud in ISL, investigate using volume in OpenStack as Rob requested, other improvements.
  • Earthcube: continue working on annotation service.
Luigi Marini  
Kenton McHenry  
Christopher Navarro  
Michal Ondrejcek  
Smruti Padhy  
Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan  
Eugene Roeder  
Inna Zharnitsky
  • Try to finish Census Extractor while Liana is still here
  • If time left - continue on dts chrome extension from last week
Marcus Slavenas  
Indira Gutierrez Polo  
Jason Votava
  • Catch up on email/meeting notes/backlog from last week
  • Assist on Indira's onboarding
  • Reschedule postponed 1-1s from last week.
  • Review NIST-CORE task 2.1 and 1.4 updates
  • Assist answering Brown Dog 18mo review questions