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I have created a set of nice, pretty color images of DECam exposures using data First Light observations and from previously known clusters targeted during SVA1. These color images are here available to the DES collaboration and can we hope they will be used for PR purposes. The images were processed at NCSA by the Dark Energy Survey Data Managment (DESDM). When used, they should be credited to the Dark Energy Survey Data Management ( DESDM ) at NCSA.

The color images of DECam exposures were created using STIFF (version 2.1.3) from co-added fits files using SWArp using at a pixel-scale of 0.5 arcsec/pixel. I used images that were processes through the initial steps of the DESDM pipeline (crosstalk, bias, flats, astro- alignment) and were further cleaned of spurious objects using mkbleed to mask and interpolate over saturated stars and bleed trails (with interpolation on) and immask (version0version 0.2.1) to mask and detect satellite trails and cosmic rays. The color images, are very large TIFF files (~200Mb) with JPEG compression of ~15,000 x 15,000 pixels size. Full resolution color images (at 0.263 arcsec/pixel and ~30,000 x 30,000) are available on request (send me email felipe at