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Daffodil 1.1.0 detailed changelog


  • initial support for unparsing, including support for unparsing
    • initiators, terminators, and separators
    • escape characters
    • padding/fillByte
    • delimited, fixed length, and pattern length strings
    • arrays with occursCountKind 'implicit', 'parsed', and 'fixed'
    • nillable simple and complex elements
    • sequences and choices
    • variables
  • support for stream infosets via XMLEventReader
  • no longer pretty print large infoset to decrease memory and time to print. Set the new prettyPrintElementLimit tunable to change the size at which infosets will not be pretty printed
  • improve support including/importing absolute Windows file paths
  • improve parser performance with calendar types
  • fixed bug with delimiters and escape characters in which scoping could be incorrect, resulting in the use of the wrong delimiter/escape char
  • improved OOLAG to make debugging easier
  • support for save/reload of unparsers


  • variables set on the command line using -D when saving a parser are saved, and can be overridden when reloading the parser
  • add --unparse option to performance subcommand to run unparser performance tests


  • enhancements to support unparser tests and round tripping parser tests
  • no longer trim resulting infoset, requiring expected infoset to be more exact, but give less false positives
  • detect and warn about duplicate test names

Daffodil 1.0.0 - detailed changelog