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FP-Akka change log:

r4480 | chicoreus | 2015-07-27 12:14:31 EDT
ISSUE:   PURPOSE: Versioning FP-Akka as 1.4.5, using FP-KurationServices as 1.1.1 (expected to be used with FP-postprocess 1.1.5) DESCRIPTION: in pom.
r4476 | chicoreus | 2015-07-10 22:28:45 EDT
ISSUE: [#387]  PURPOSE: FP-Akka, handling consequences of interface change in revision 4475 in FP-KurationServices  Mark records as filled in when scientific name is not provided in dwc:scientificName, only in genus and atomic parts or atomic parts.  DESCRIPTION:  Adding generic epithet placeholder to service invocation.
r4472 | tmcphillips | 2015-07-08 01:27:50 EDT
Added NCSA repositories so that FP-CORE 1.0.0 is found
r4471 | chicoreus | 2015-06-25 16:55:13 EDT
ISSUE: KURATOR-103  PURPOSE: Changing DarwinCore Archive reader library.  DESCRIPTION:  Switching from org.gbif dwca-reader 1.21 to org.gbif dwca-io 1.23.  Per Bob, this appears to be the reader library that GBIF developers will be supporting in the future.  Builds, works on at least one DarwinCore Archive file.
r4470 | chicoreus | 2015-06-25 16:36:06 EDT
ISSUE: KURATOR-82  PURPOSE:  FP-Akka, workflow to dubplicate MCZ nametools, taking a list of taxon names and database PK values in CSV as input, and outputing CSV with curation assertions on those names, their authorships, GUIDs found from nomenclatural authorities, and pass through into the output of the database PK, with the CSV output a form that can readily be manipulated with grep and awk to produce sql queries to update the source taxonomic authority table.  DESCRIPTION:  Added some more output for users from WorkflowStarter and CSVWorkflow.  Changed the hash map of CSV taxon column headers into a LinkedHashMap to produce desired output order of columns (for easier maniplulation by awk into SQL update queries) Refactored the duplicated try DwCa again code in DwCaReader into a method.
r4469 | chicoreus | 2015-06-25 11:02:41 EDT
ISSUE: #385 KURATOR-103  PURPOSE:  FP-Akka: Fix problem Bob found with DwC archive files that contain an extra nested level of subdirectory.  DESCRIPTION:  Added try again on contained directory within archive when encountering an UnsupportedArchiveException.  This runs on the problematic archive that Bob found.

FP-KurationServices change log:

r4479 | chicoreus | 2015-07-27 12:11:26 EDT


ISSUE:   PURPOSE: Versioning FP-KurationServices as 1.1.1 DESCRIPTION: in pom.


r4478 | chicoreus | 2015-07-27 12:10:21 EDT


ISSUE:   PURPOSE: FP-KurationServices, adding logging on service failure to IPNI service test.  DESCRIPTION: Added output of (expected to be a connection problem) error to log file on failure of a test of simplePlantNameSearch in IPNIServiceTest.


r4475 | chicoreus | 2015-07-10 22:26:20 EDT


ISSUE: [#387]  PURPOSE: FP-KurationServices.  Mark records as filled in when scientific name is not provided in dwc:scientificName, only in genus and atomic parts or atomic parts.  DESCRIPTION: Changed INewScientificNameValidationService interface to accommodate calls passing genericEpithet as well as genus.  Changed handling in SciNameServiceParent to mark assembly of scientificName from genus plus atomic parts as filled in even if found correct, and to mark as correct if assembled from genericEpithet and other atomic parts, representing variable mapping of atomic generic epithet from scientificName onto genus, and providing for future generic epithet term.


r4473 | chicoreus | 2015-07-08 14:15:37 EDT


ISSUE: [#387]  PURPOSE: Handle scientific name validation when dwc:scientificName in input is empty.  DESCRIPTION: Fixed error in SciNameServiceUtil where scientific name was assembled from atomic parts, but assembly was not being saved.  Added explicit handling of empty scientific names to SciNameServiceParent, along with unit tests (in GBIFServiceTest), along with similar treatment of violated expectations in BasisOfRecordValidator and InternalDateValidationService.


FP-postprocessor change log:

r4477 | chicoreus | 2015-07-27 11:55:00 EDT


ISSUE:   PURPOSE: Versioning FP-postprocess as 1.1.5  DESCRIPTION: in pom.


r4474 | chicoreus | 2015-07-10 22:21:18 EDT


ISSUE: [#387]  PURPOSE: FP-postprocess Fill in scientificName when filled in by Scientific Name validator.  DESCRIPTION: Handling population of scientificName when not present in input data but provided by workflow (e.g. built from atomic parts).  Minor change to readability of readme file.