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The Restful API to SEAD's Curation and Publication Services is focused on management (basic CRUD: Create, Read, Update, Delete) of repository, people, and research object publication request entries.

Matchmaking, which essentially requires create a 'test' research object publication request, is handles through additional endpoints for the Research Object service. The following sections describe the basic use of the services and the final section does a walk through of how to create new publication requests from the Beta Test Project Space.

Enunciate documentation of the rest calls can be found at https (This endpoint is not running the latest implementation - while the API should be up-to-date, the the The links on this page go to an older implementation - are functional, but the links below in this document also point to our current test services and should be used insteadwill help guide you to the most important endpoints.)



Repositories working with SEAD should POST a profile to the /api/repositories endpoint. The profile is a json-ld object containing descriptive terms about the repository (primarily from the re3data vocabulary) along with any additional descriptive terms repositories wish to add (i.e. other vocabularies). To participate in matchmaking, profiles must also contain terms that trigger rules (this list is available at /api/researchobjects/matchingrepositories/rules and is discussed further below). Repositories are will also expected to identify preference terms they will respond to (and that users will see in the staging area). The format for identifying such preferences is not yet defined.