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Amazing Docker Cheat Sheet


CoreOS Docker Quirks

Default Docker IP Address

By default, Docker starts the daemon on a 172.17.X.X IP address. This can cause issues if 172.17.X.X is routable on the network from which you are trying to connect. 


ip addr should now list your newly specified ip instead of 172.17.x.x. A reboot may also be required in order for this change to take effect.

Command Completion: Unsupported

Bash completion is not available for CoreOS, making it difficult or impossible to install docker command completion, as described here:

Installing Docker Compose

Since the /usr/local/bin/ folder is read-only, and sudo -i did not seem to help, I was able to install docker-compose by using curl to place the executable in my home folder (or any writable folder). Then, simply add docker-compose to the PATH environment variable and give it permission to execute:


chmod +x /home/core/docker-compose/docker-compose



  • docker diff <name or id> - show what files differ from the source image (what changes you have made since running)

Building a Container

  • docker stats <name or id> - shows memory usage / limits
  • docker run <id> - can use the id of incremental build images to boot into the failing state

Running a Container

  • docker events <id> - shows what docker daemon is doing in the background
  • docker inspect <name or id> - inspect a particular container's configuration
  • docker logs <id> - shows the logs of a particular container
  • nsenter - enter a particular namespace

Inspecting a Running Container

  • docker exec -it <name or id> /bin/bash