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  • Repository name ID ("orgidentifier") - a required field that will serve as the repository ID in SEAD. 
  • Data types (“Data Mimetypes”) - types of files that the repository will accept.
  • Collection depth (“Max Collection Depth”) - maximum collection depth that the repository can accept and deposit.
  • Maximum dataset size (“Max Dataset Size”) – the size (in bytes) of individual files in the collection that the repository can accept.
  • “Total Size” – Total acceptable size of the collection in bytes
  • “Metadata Terms“- Minimum metadata fields that a collection should contain
  • “Affiliations” - Organizations that a collection should be affiliated with
  • “Rights Holder IDs Required” - Whether the collections should have a valid global identifier (ORCID, Clowder, or Google ID) for the "Rights Holder" metadata.

Dandeniya Arachchige Charitha Madurangi - we need to add more guidelines for each field, e.g., is orgidentifier a string? a number? in what units should dataset size be? are other fields free text? 

Some of this is available dynamically (generated from the rules themselves) at Please refer to for more information about these metadata types. 

Following is a sample JSON-LD profile of a repository: