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DateEclipse VersionScala IDE VersionComments

Known good: Scala IDE build of Eclipse SDK

Build id: 4.5.0-vfinal-2016-12-13T10:59:29Z-Typesafe

Known good: 4.5.0.v-2_11-201612131030-02830a6You can obtain an 'optimized' version of Eclipse created by Typesafe for Scala IDE from: - Taylor Wise

Known good: Neon (4.6) Build id: Z20160511-1546

Known good: 4.4.1.v-2_11-201605041057-92a3ed3

Use the Eclipse update site and let eclipse pull it down.

I found with this version I had to use the Eclipse update site to pull down/install Eclipse Java Development Tools (3.12.0.v20160606-1100 in order to get the tests to run using JUNIT4. -Taylor Wise

Known good: Mars.2 Release (4.5.2) Build id: 20160218-0600

Known good: 4.4.0.v-2_11-201604010957-ff530d2

(However, best to just use the eclipse update site and let eclipse pull it down)

I am able to do development using this eclipse configuration without having it crash, or need restarting more than about once every few days. I do find I must clean and rebuild the entire project about once a day still, or it seems to get confused and puts up spurious compilation errors that are not reproduced after a clean and build-all. -Mike Beckerle