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Daffodil requires Java 1.6 8 or higher. All scripts provided for running and testing are written in bash and tested in GNU Linux. Those scripts are not required though, so Daffodil should be able to run in other platforms as long as Java is installed

SBT is required for building, and dependency management.  See the README and BUILD files in the root of your local clone of the git repository.  In short, you need to download and put the correct SBT Launcher in your path.  Daffodil is currently using version 0.13.12 .1 of SBT.  SBT is available here:

Daffodil is written in Scala 2.911.28, which also must be installed in order to run Daffodil.

Note: You will likely need to set available JVM memory for ant larger. For example, on a 64-bit Linux system, I have this in my .bashrc: