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It's a short week everyone (smile) - but don't lose focus - we have some great things going on

Including a Pot Luck on Tuesday!


WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday

Using Make to create cluster, install kubernetes and deploy workbench.

Review Bing's PR

  • Cover Crop
    • Review project status
  • Ergo/KISTI
    • Investigate whether Jo and Bang attenuation model needs minimum distance to avoid large values near epicenter
  • IN-Core
    • Continue working on tornado modeling for version 2
  • Other
    • Continue working on datawolf token access
    • Out Wednesday - Friday
  •  Cover Crop
    • reviewed pull request
  • IN-Core
    • Continued working on tornado model, pushed latest commits to branch
  • Other
    • Worked on datawolf token access to allow token providers - now that datawolf encrypts user/passwords we need to allow Clowder to be a token provider for datawolf (see CATS-686)


  • Finish migration of ETK instance to Jetstream
  • Quickstart function

Faculty fellowship (Downie)

  • BW allocation approved
  • Will begin work with project programmer on getting postdoc's concept running at scale

Whole tale:

  • Continue work on NFS fileserver deploy process


  • Pipeline troubleshooting
  • Update documentation


  • ETK migration complete
  • First pass at quickstart
  • Broadsided by NSF and RDA proposals
  • Working on PEARC18 panel and paper abstracts (now due 12/8!!!!)

Faculty fellowship

  • Will meet with PI to setup BW allocation later today

Whole Tale

  • First pass at Terraform NFS fileserver provisioning. Will submit PR later today or early next week


  • Workbench and pipeline support, mainly

  • BD/NIST effort
  • Forecasts
  • HR
  • PSP data ingestion
  • GLM demo preparations and release
  • SMM Clowder install
  • Clowder releases
  • PSP data ingestion (I really hope this is it)
  • GLM releases and PRs
  •  gltg
    • complete data for illinois instance
  • vbd
    • webapp - get structure going
  •  gltg
    • setup illinois system on gltg-dev
    • frunning/editting parsers for illinois
    • separate usgs superstations
  • vbd
    • start webapp - flask, openlayers
  • run weather extractor reproc
  • monitor ongoing fullfield processing for rgb and flir
  • review Yogesh pull request for pyclowder2 updates w/ new wordcount sample
  • prep for processing over break
  • MDF
    • search functions, work on pull requests
    • OpenSEES examples,
  • NCSA faculty
    • explore Prof Schleife's GitHub repository, run the code with metadata definition and graphs
  • MDF
    • search functions, contact, collaborator done
    • run the simple frame locally
  • NCSA faculty
    • GitHub done, not run
  • NDS
  • KnowEnG
    • Continue on last pieces of spreadsheet visualizer UI:
      • In Progress: Column group headers
      • distribution graphs (legend) for mini heatmaps and group headers
      • row labels for main heatmap
  • Crops in Silico
    • Explore DataWolf executing cisrun
  • NDS
  • KnowEnG
    • Group headers are styled and functional
  • Still in Progress:
    • NDS-1109 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • NDS-1110 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • KnowEnG spreadsheet visualizer finalization
    • due to KnowEnG's paper deadline, I have not had much time to contribute to CiS lately
  • General
    • Submit VSL for the month
  • GLM
    • Priority: GEOD-1010 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • If time: GEOD-998 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • GLTG
    • Close Tasks that can be closed
    • Re-run Parser for Flux Tower
    • Re-run Parser for Allerton non-Decagon 
    • Clowder Meeting for
  • General
    • Submitted VSL for the month
  • GLM
  • GLTG
    • Info Meeting
  • Water Network Convergence
  • Water Network Architecture for Python Port
  • WNTR Investigation
  • Meeting with Civil Engineering department about water network
  • Investigated new version of WNTR
  • Water Network Review of Architecture
  •  BD
    • Work on remaining tasks in the current sprint
    • Fix ArcGIS extractor
    • Improve cover crop website for the demo
  • JIRA audits and planning
  • Report for Resilience Center follow up?
  • HR tasks
  • VSL updates
  • Update Calendars and Meetings
  • InteliJ - email to Dr. Gardoni
  • Finance Tasks
  • Pot Luck
  • Didn't get all I wanted to get done - done in JIRA but got a lot done
  • IN-Core report - no meeting this month no report - next target Dec 20
  • HR Tasks - VSL - resumes etc.
  • Calendars and Meetings updated
  • InteliJ approval received and email sent to order
  • Finance - some review completed
  • Pot Luck
  • Brown Dog - draft complete - In Kenton's Hands
  • Agile Meeting planning
  • GLTG research - info and logos
  •  BD
    • review code?
    • document LDPA things.
  • GLM
    • event list.
  •  BD
    • document LDPA things.
  • GLM
    • event list.
    • ingest data
  • Create a method for connecting datawolf result to geoserver via data repository service
  • Installing cws plugin and test out how to use it
  • Embed guid checking process for data ingestion
  • Created a method for connecting datawolf result to geoserver via data repository service
  • Created a method for checking geotiff header and style


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