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Let's Kick it in Gear this Week!


WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday

In Review:

  • fix Error running clusterscale BD-1924


  • clean and fix green route extractor code BD-1906
  • bd-test case for Green Route extractor BD-1907
  • deploy green route on dev BD-1908

In Progress:

  • fix GI previewer on clowder BD-1912
  • Investigate polyglot conversion timeout. BD-1896

  •  Cover Crop
    • Project meeting, demo Friday, determine next steps
  • Ergo/KISTI
    • Help with Ergo methodology questions for paper publication
  • IN-Core - v2 architecture review
  • Other - in Champaign Wednesday
  • Cover Crop
    • Internal dev meeting to discuss next steps/planning
    • Fixed weather tool bug with date change, tested workflow
    • reviewed pull requests and updated readme for running dssat model on VM
  • Ergo/KISTI
    • Sent response to external collaborator working on Ergo paper describing hazard methodology
  • IN-Core
    • Reviewed v2 feedback
    • Fixed package issue with hazard service
  • Other - in Champaign Wednesday


  • Nebula recovery 


  • Cybertraining proposal 1-pager
  • Sprint 38 tasks


  • Finalize monitoring testing and push to production
  • Check-in with Kacper/Matt


  • Get pipeline back up and running/finalize move to condo
  • 2018 Planning

 Vacation Vacation
 Gui improvements for Tool Catalog  TC GUI improvements - cont'd - Display Script Details page, Display Tool page, Review All Scripts page.
 Migrate all images from knowengdev to knoweng
  • Created all images from knowengdev to knoweng
  • Searching for solutions to preserve statics when migrating images from one organization to another in dockerhub.

  • ISDA charter/stats to DO
  • BD Tutorial materials
  • HR
  • ISDA charter/stats to DO
  • BD Tutorial materials
  • HR
  • Review pull requests across projects
  • PSP re-ingest one dataset
  • BD release process
  • IMLCZO load Lidar data into Clowder
  •  Went from 38 to 9 PR across projects
  • BD Airdale released
  • IMLCZO Lidar data loaded
  •  vbd
    • graph mosquito data by climate div
  • gltg
    • setup gltg, gltg-dev, ilnlrs-dev systems
  • get TERRA pipeline running again on storage condo w/ new Globus endpoint
  • update Arizona monitor system configs
  • extractor stack on kubernetes back up with new mounts
  • run Mongo cleanup script
  • resume reviews
  • new endpoint migrated, pipeline config updated & restarted
  • dockerize NCSA services for kubernetes deployment
  • extractor stack back up
  • Sprint planning/new project management meetings
  • MDF
    • finish presentation
    • dry-run Friday
  • KIST
    • Python OpenSeesMP
    • update documentation
  • Faculty Fellowship
    • e-mail Dallas
  • MDF
    • done
    • as planned
  • KIST
    • Python OpenSeesMP
    • not done
  • Faculty Fellowship
    • done
  • Slides for lightning talk
  • NDS
  • KnowEnG
  • Crops in Silico
    • Continue UI development according to new API spec
  • Lightning talk
  • NDS
    • Blocked, pending some discussion about our plans for OAuth2
  • KnowEnG
  • Crops in Silico
    • built up a list of model JSONs to present in the UI
    • adjusted UI to GET from new /models endpoint
    • allow user to choose a model to add a node to the canvas
  • GLTG
    • Re-run Parser for Flux Tower
    • Re-run Parser for Allerton non-Decagon
    • IMLCZO-130 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • IMLCZO-205 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • IMLCZO-206 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • General
    • Prepared Lightning Talk
  • GLTG
    • GLGVO-376 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • GLGVO-395 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • GLGVO-399 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • GEOD-1032 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Contributed to documentation related to GLGVO-396 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Re-ran Parser for Flux Tower
    • Re-ran Parser for Allerton non-Decagon
    • IMLCZO-130 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • IMLCZO-205 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • IMLCZO-206 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  •  PPPD
  • Documentation
  • Python Water Network Implementation
  • PPPD
    • Reviewed Code and Paper
  • BD
    • Complete currently pending JIRA tasks in active sprint
    • Work with team to figure out next tasks
    • CCROP-50 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • CCROP-45 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Review pull requests
    • Other tasks based on discussion with project team
  • XSEDE Juvenile Delinquency Project
    • Look into newspaper article segmentaion techniques
  • Sick Monday and Tuesday
  • Send out Brown Dog Quarterly Report request
  • Create 2018 HRT
  • F/U with Dan Lapine about CIP program
  • new project coordination (SMU)
  • TSC - web page follow up
  • GLTG - new tickets and follow up for Ted
  • Meeting coordination for various projects
  • HR applicants/review and duties
  • Refactoring Navid's hindcast matlab code to python
  • Worked on refactoring Navid's hindcast Matlab code to Python.
  • Fixed Vocab server


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