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Grumble of pugs

A group of pugs is called a grumble.

So this is your grumble for the week (smile) - let's have a great one!


WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday

BoxWorks conference San Francisco

Presentation on Wednesday

Box Developer Training


  • add auto phrase algorithm


  • PRs (water network & transportation recovery & review stochastic population model)
  • meeting with Nathanael and Roberto to get code and data
  • TBD



  • Draft security plan
  • Begin work in K8S upgrade

Whole Tale:

  • v0.5 release testing
  • Load testing
  • Deploy v0.5 to staging?


  • Deploy condor pool and large memory node
  • Submit PR for BRAPI get phenotypes search

Crops in Silico:

Gowtham Naraharisetty

INCORE-490: Hurricane-Windfield-Model - Finish up most functionality for API.

Farmdoc: UI Feedback and implement any follow up changes

  • OCS code for sending telemetry
  • Restructure directory


  • Building Portfolio Analyses (Damage and Recovery Stochastic)


  • Implement Backend for Trends By Station in geo-temporal-api-v3


  • Keep working on running extractors
  • NDS proposal
  • RSE group paper
  • NCSA Software
  • HR
  • IMLCZO annual report
  • BD Q report section
  • Clowder 1.5 release
  • Prepare 2 presentations on Geodashboard
  • Clowder user keys dev
  • Clowder extraction by space metadata/add remove fix
  • TERRA - run 2-scan test of stereoTop pipeline on condor using pegasus
  • TERRA - review PRs
  • SYN - initial prototype of CSV reporting API - totals first
  • SYN - test geoserver uploading with proxy using form data
  • MDF
    • backup script
  • In-Core
  • Farmdoc
    •  FD-51 - Add graphs_all function to json output In Progress ,
    •  FD-52 - Add five years window In Progress
    • FD-59 - Getting issue details... STATUS ,
    • FD-60 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS
    • Finish review items / merge approved PRs
    • Discuss development processes / workflows for CHEESE
  • Crops in Silico
    • Examine feasibility of converting cis-ui to a JupyterLab extension
    • Work toward integrating JupyterHub/Lab with the existing Girder API
  • Industry
    • Flesh out requirements for the CKAN extractor
    • Start writing a Test Plan
  • Work on Tsunami earthquake damage anlaysis - figure out what should be one
  • Work on extractor-geo for the pycsw entry deletion
  • Fix incore-jupyter kuberenetes
  • Work on incore2 services kubernetes


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