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Just for fun

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WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday
  • Create searchable metadata for Graphene recipes
  • Publish Brown Dog Box Skills Tool catalog page
  • Provision Kubernetes cluster on Nebula for NCSA workbench.


  • wrap up custom data input


  • semantic service prototype

  • Farmdoc
    • Project meeting
    • Prepare for demo at upcoming meetings
    • Code review
  • Cover Crop
    • Code review
    • Work with Lisa on MyFarm add data for non-existent year
  • Ergo
    • Create wiki page on how to add and execute OpenSEES models
  • IN-Core
    • Code review
    • Planning next steps for science code
  • Other
    • In Champaign Tuesday - faculty fellow
Gowtham Naraharisetty

  • Cover Crop
    • Parse 2 random variables from the datawolf result into data ready for the stacked bar graph.
    • Add more interactions to the graph
  • GLM
    • Deploy latest develop into GLM machine.
    • Setup release for geotemporal api
  • AGU18
  • Arctic proposal
  • MBDH proposal
  • C2Metdata proposal?
  • NASA proposal?
  • NCSA Software
  • HR
  • AGU18
  • MBDH proposal
  • NCSA Software
  • HR
  • Clowder release and WIP PRs
  • Geostreams scaling (traffic and postgresql) and IMLCZO deployment
  • SMM provenance
  • HR
  •  vbd
    • finish app
    • deploy new app
  • gltg
    • systems
    • fox river data
  • basically a sick week
  • finished clipping code for subsetting a UTM LAS point cloud to lat/lon plot boundaries
  • SYN issues - reporting fixes; permissions problems with superadmin spaces; permissions on anonymous file uploads


  • INCORE-6xx  - Swager documentation
  • INCORE-603 finish return lat, long point in Python code, including Tests


  • meeting Monday, slides

  • database design


  • docstrings for Connect


  • done

  • done 1st draft

  • Industry
    • Finish first-pass at Advanced/Bulk metadata via Clowder UI
    • Redesign this view, in light of Jim's PR and community feedback
  •  Whole Tale
    • Create a PR for the localStorage fix
    • Add error-handling to the run route (possibly others?)
    • Check the backlog for new tasks to work on:
      • "User should be allowed to delete Tale while it is still spawning"
      • "Deleting a Tale sometimes does not remove it from 'Launched Tales'"
  • Misc
    • Reviewed Pull Requests
  • GLTG
    • Re-ran Parsers for Flux Tower and Allerton non-Decagon
    • GEOD-1178 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • IMLCZO-254 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  •  vacation
  • Configure ambassador in Kubernetes
  • Fix gepshp extractor
  • Configured ambassador in Kubernetes
  • Updated location model
  • Updated the pix4d high template
  • Worked on geoshp extractor


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