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Series:  30 Things About Life I Wish I had Known 10 Years Ago

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3. Spend Time with People You Love

That’s your family and best friends. If you don’t have a family, create one. Most people in life are only visitors. Family is for life.


Friday Lightning Talks:  Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan and Htut Khine Htay Win

WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday

Caiting Wu


  • Load the data for Keras CNN model to train
  • Start training and get result


  • Manage to correctly load the data for Keras CNN model to train
  • Found the empty image bug that underlies other error messages, and add one more method to clean the data
  • Started training and get result, which, though not ideal, still very good (smile) as for now

  • Farmdoc
    • dev meeting, code review, VM setup for production, PEARC slides
  • Cover Crop
    • dev meeting, code review, PEARC slides
  • Ergo
    • Reply to external collaborator questions
    • Release 0.4 and code review
  • Half time this week (paternity leave)
  • Farmdoc
    • Code review
    • Started planning VM setup for production
    • Started gathering slides for use cases for PEARC
  • Cover Crop
    • Code review
    • Started gathering slides for use cases for PEARC
  • Ergo
    • Sent follow up to Cyprus inquiry forwarded by Jay Roloff
    • Sent follow up to Antonis from Satways regarding Ergo/DataWolf
    • Released 0.4.0 and 0.4.1 due to critical bug
    • Code review


  • OOO
  • OOO
  • ESIP conference Mon-Thur
  • ESIP conference Mon-Thur


  • modify json catalog script to avoid memory problem on rgb_geotiff collection
  • hyperspectral tests on SWIR, 2018 VNIR
  • search site demo tuesday


  • pull requests


  • updates for Marcus, try to deploy dev app on

  • GLTG
  • Misc
    • VSL

  • Complete remaining portion of gap filling task in Cover Crop
  • Review pull requests in Cover Crop and Rokwire 
  • Start preparing presentations for Clowder All Paws and PEARC19 
  • CyberAmbassador Fellows Training (Wednesday - Friday)

  • Work on Flask server configuration
  • Test document DB in the deployment
  • Set up fargate for profiles building block
  • Create profiles building block container in Fargate
  • Set up jupyterhub in kubernetes
  • Set up geoserver in kubernetes
  • Set up incore services with new setting
  • Worked on new dao for profiles building block
  • Updated logging system for profiles building block
  • Set up geoserver with ambassador
  • Worked on incore service set up with keycloak
  • Worked on jupyterhub set up with keycloak

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