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Series:  30 Things About Life I Wish I had Known 10 Years Ago

8. Don't Care About What People Think

The weight of other’s thought can become a burden for you. It can inhibit you from living your life, because your entire being (your personality, your thoughts, your actions) are controlled by an idealized standard of what people want to see. When you become so obsessed with other people’s opinion of you, you forget your own.

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Friday Lightning Talks: Aaron Hoyle-Katz

WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday

  • SCC Proposals
  • Brown Dog Report
  • Clowder Report
  • HR

  • Proposal meetings
  • Clowder CZO data ingestion
  • Clowder / Geodashboard PR reviews
  • Run deep learning model on SMU resources
  • New Syngenta project starting

  • Deploy profiles building block to rokwire dev system
  • Deploy logging building block to rokwire dev system
  • Make jupyterhub work with open id
  • Create landing page, webapps, swagger and other component to kubernetes system
  • Make keycloak token authorization work with incore service

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