Yong Wook Kim

Bethany Blakely  

Rob Kooper 

Minu Mathew 

Taylor Pederson 


  • Adding sites to AmeriFlux
    • uploading the year result today (sorghum 2021)
    • maize basalt is still unknown need to run the whole year first
  • Whole year run for Maize-Basalt.
    • L1 name changes - test using 1 week
    • precipitation - same for the all site
    • dynamic metadata 
    • ghg files
    • met data
    • key - for all sites
    • AmeriFlux specific

Action items

  • Bethany Blakely Uploading sorghum 2021 to ameriflux
  • Bethany Blakely Prepare 1 year run for Maize Basalt in the remote machine (whole year's ghg files)
  • Minu Mathew Prepare the data for Maize Basalt and 1 week test run