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Eclipse Development

For those unfamiliar with Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) development and Git source control, it is recommended that you go through the following tutorials:

Eclipse Workspace Settings

These are some additional configuration settings for Eclipse and Java source requirements when developing Ergo. 

Java Errors/Warnings

Developers should override default compiler error/warning and use project specific errors/warnings. These errors should be enabled:

  • Method with a constructor name - Error
  • Non-externalized strings (missing/unused $NON-NLS$ tag) - Warning
  • Assignment has no effect - Error
  • Possible accidental boolean assignment - Error
  • finally does not complete normally - Error
  • Using a char array in string concatenation - Error
  • Null pointer access - Error
  • Potential null pointer access - Warning
  • Unused Import - Error

Patches with errors listed above including API errors will not be accepted without corrections.

Additional requirements for Java source

  • Use interfaces as much as possible
  • All interfaces and methods must include a Javadoc comment
  • Interface implementations must include a non-Javadoc comment (using Generate Element Comment)
  • All classes, methods and fields should have an access modifier (public, protected, private)
  • Use the following class, method and field modifier order:
    1. Access modifier
    2. abstract
    3. static
    4. final
    5. transient
    6. volatile
  • All source should be formatted using the "Ergo" code formatter profile (see below)
  • All members should be cleaned up using the "Ergo" profile (Source->Clean Up)
  • Statement blocks should always be used, even for single line 'if', 'for', etc.
  • Column width should be set to 132

All source files must also start with an approved license and copyright declaration (TODO - update this if Ergo has specific license and link to it)

 * All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials
 * are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0
 * which accompanies this distribution, and is available at
 * Contributors:
 *    {INITIAL AUTHOR} - initial API and implementation and/or initial documentation

Ergo formatting and cleanup profiles for Java

The Ergo formatter and clean-up profiles are available here To use the profiles,

  • Unzip on your machine to find two files: ergo_format.xml and ergo_cleanup.xml
  • Formatter: in Window > Preferences > Java > Code Style > Clean Up and select "Import" and import the ergo-cleanup.xml file. The active profile should say "ERGO".
    • To use: Select a source file in Package Explorer (or container/folder/etc.) and select Source menu > Format
  • Cleanup in Window > Preferences > Java > Code Style > Formatter and select "Import" and import the ergo-formatter.xml file. The active profile should say "ERGO".
    • To use: Select a source file in Package Explorer (or container/folder/etc.) and select Source menu > Cleanup ...
  • Optionally Set the editor to apply the formatting changes automatically on save for convenience and consistency in use in Window > Preferences > Java > Editor > Save Actions. Check "Perform the selected actions on save", check "Format source code", and check "Additional actions"

Adding a New Plug-in

If you are contributing new plug-ins to Ergo, it is recommended that you include unit tests that verify everything is working properly. In addition the the above code guidelines, please do the following:

  • Add an about.html file to the plug-in (TODO - add example about.html file)
  • Add the plug-in to a feature so it gets built.
  • Announce the new plug-in on ergo-dev so developers know to import the new plug-in


Contributions from ergo-dev members

Contributions from members of ergo-dev should be handled following these guidelines: Handling Git Contributions


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