Required Files

  1. Download the latest Java Platform (JDK) from Once your download is complete follow the instructions for installing here (
  2. Download the latest ERGO Mac software build from and save to the desired location.

Launching ERGO

Double click the ERGO-EQ Application File to Launch from the ERGO.cocoa.macosx folder.

If you encounter this popup:

You will need to allow modify your security settings to allow Ergo to launch in your Mac environment. The steps are listed below in the "Allow Ergo to Launch as unidentified application" section.

NOTE: If you do not encounter this popup, then Ergo should successfully launch and you needn't follow the "Allow Ergo to Launch as unidentified application" steps.


If a Software Update dialog popups informing you of a Java SE 6 runtime installation, please select the install button as show below.


Once you complete the Java 6 Installation Dialog you should now be able to successfully launch Ergo.

Allow Ergo to Launch as unidentified application

There are two methods for getting Ergo to run on your mac, if you encountered the unidentified developer popup.

  • Allow ERGO-EQ to run on your Mac (Recommended)

  1. Right-Click (or control click) the ERGO-EQ application and select "Open" from the Menu. After selecting "Open" a new popup should appear.

  2. Select the "Open" button. 

    Note: This step only needs to be performed one time. The next time you wish to launch ERGO you can simply double click the ERGO-EQ application.


  • Allow applications downloaded from anywhere to run on your Mac (Not Recommended)

  1. Launch the System Preferences Menu from the bottom taskbar.

  2. Select the "Security & Privacy" Icon

  3. Select the "Genera" tab if not already selected

  4. Under the "Allow applications downloaded from:" heading, select the "Anywhere" option.

  5. After selecting the "Anywhere" radio button a Popup menu will appear. select the "Allow from Anywhere" button.



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