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The daffodil/daffodil-extra directory is an empty module intended to contain links to other git/svn repos where there are other projects that fit into the regular daffodil sub-module structure, but which for whatever reason, aren't part of its source tree.

There are several DFDL schemas now maintained at github:

Each has its own git repository.

You clone that repository e.g., for NACHA (which runs on Daffodil) take these steps:

  • cd ~/...../git   # where you have daffodil cloned as a subdir
  • mkdir DFDLSchemas
  • cd DFDLSchemas
  • git clone
  • cd ../daffodil/daffodil-extra
  • ln -s ../../DFDLSchemas/NACHA/2013

Then these sorts of things will work:



HL7 -> ../../DFDLSchemas/HL7-v2.7

IBM4690-TLOG -> ../../DFDLSchemas/IBM4690-TLOG

ISO8583 -> ../../DFDLSchemas/ISO8583


NACHA -> ../../DFDLSchemas/NACHA/2013

vCard -> ../../DFDLSchemas/vCard/2.1

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