WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday
Brock Angelo
  • IMLCZO-97 - Getting issue details... STATUS Going to take a different approach with this after meeting with Mostafa.
  • GLM-20 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • GLM-26 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • GEOD-745 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Edgar F. Black  
Rob Kooper  
Jong Lee
Rui Liu
  • BD: finish the feature of deploying using VM images, and work on the feature of stopping extractors; discuss with Smruti the pyclowder error messages.
  •  EC: discuss and work on new tasks.
  • BD:
    • debugged with Smruti the error messages in new threaded pyclowder. As a result, updated Docker files in git for clowder python base for newer version of pika (Rob helped review and merge the PR), uploaded updated OCR and 4 OpenCV extractor docker images into the Docker Hub.
    • finished the feature of deploying new tools using VM images (BD-930).
    • helped Taiwanese collaborators get started in setting up DTS, DAP and elasticity.
  • EC: answered questions from project member Scott Peckham (at Univ of Colorado) in using new features we developed for this project; helped a new post-doc (Yao Hu) in Praveen's team get access to Clowder and opensource sites.
Kenton McHenry
  • CHiMaD workshop
  • LSST staffing
  • Brown Dog Tools Catalog and API gateway deployment
  • NDS workshop planning
  • CHiMad workshop
  • LSST staffing
  • NDS workshop planning
Christopher Navarro
  • NIST-Core - catch up on pull requests, fix merge conflict with tornado extension point pull request, work on adding random width tornado extension once the ext. pt is merged
  • BD - continue work on DTS workflow endpoint, look at branch for re-submitting files to extractors
  • CyberSEES - review work done with web app
  • NIST-Core - reviewed pull requests, fixed merge conflict with tornado ext pt, started work on random tornado width model, sent requested information about fernandez & rix 2007 attenuation with soil depth
  • BD - worked on DTS workflow endpoint, started working on pieces to build a datawolf workflow by calling the DataWolf REST service, tested re-submitting a file to an extractor with code in branch CATS-107
  • CyberSEES - reviewed work done on web app, configured current datawolf on wssi machine to start/stop with a script. The datawolf version there is fairly old and might need to be updated.
Luigi Marini
  • BD
    • Write API Gateway scalatests
    • Design how services (ex. Clowder) can use authentication information from API Gateway
  • Earthcube
    • Planning spring work and final demo
    • Prototype simple csv annotation service
  • GLM
    • Planning spring work
    • Develop redis caching layer in geostreaming api
  • SEAD
    • Review feedback from user requirements group
  • Clowder
    • Plan releases for the year
  • BD
    • Fat jar build for Fence
    • bd-api setup
    • Still trying to fix scalatests POSTs
  • Earthcube
    • Designing csv annotation services
    • Learning React.js
  • GLM
    • JIRA GEOD and GLM cleanup
  • SEAD
    • More requirements to review
  • Clowder
    • Creating new timeline and putting tasks in buckets


Michal Ondrejcek 
  1. MDF - Schleife data inspection,  met with Tim Spilla of MRL
  2. MWRD - fix the base map problem by switching to OpenStreet map, deployed on MWRD server
Smruti Padhy
  • BD
    • Windows Installer for File Manager extension using DAP
    • Discuss with Greg and decide the paper outline for iPRES
    • Get back to Chi analysis use case

  • SDN
    • Write Introduction for the Journal Paper.
    • Review the RT SDN paper
  • BD
    • Started building Windows Installer for File manager, able to create setup package using Visual Studio. However, it did not included the registry file, so trying to add registry. Need to fix some syntax error
    • Read previous years iPRES paper, previous BD reports on CI-BER and sent an email to Greg and Kenton on the outline of the paper
    • Debugged with Rui the threaded pyClowder error for ocr extractor
  • SDN
    • Started writing the Journal Paper introduction
  • LSST Interviews
Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan
  • BD
    • PyClowder HPC development
    • Jetstream XSEDE startup proposal
  • VAT
    • Spaces + search integration
    • Complete batch upload script
    • Do a test upload using the script
    • Word segmentation
  • BD
    • Implemented some of the suggestions about pyClowder HPC / HPC extractor from Monday's meeting
  • VAT
    • Started development on integrating Spaces and similar shots search
    • Completed creating the batch upload script (it considers different naming conventions used in the dataset)
    • Did a test upload of roughly 200 files using the script
    • Worked a little bit on improving preview quality (currently it appears dark)
Inna Zharnitsky
  • Working on the integration of Tool Catalog and Elasticity Module.
  • Tool Catalog - work in progress. Had a meeting with Ray, discussed that need to deploy not a tool but an interface to the EM.
  • Working on the GUI for selecting interfaces to be deployed
Marcus Slavenas 
  • 3.5 sick days
  • started setting up new mac
  • one-on-one meeting with Jong
Indira Gutierrez Polo


CATS-367 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Meeting with Jong and Chris to discuss next steps.


  • Working on adding folders within datasets


  • Setting up datawolf in wssi and integrating with gidesigner
Jason Votava


  • Update existing tasks
  • Schedule "how much data are we going to track to the user in DTS" meeting
  • Finish editing/submit final 2015 Q4 report


  • Thrust 2 prep


  • Seven Mile Creek doc review


  • All hands meeting
  • Budget review


  • Tasks annotated
  • Will discuss user data at next tech meeting
  • Q4_15 report submitted


  • Bi-weekly reporting submitted
  • Thrust 2 ongoing


  • SMC doc review complete
  • Planning demo for week of Feb 22-29


  • budget extension work
Yong Wook Kim
  • Finish machine setup
  • Research for cellular automata programming
  • Debug NIST-core
  • Learn Matlab
  • Redo the machine for arcgis setup
  • Analysis Matlab code for Tornado analysis
  • Created python script to make line shapefile from the given coordinates
  • Created centerville Electric Power Network GIS Data
  • Debug ERGO-365 Error in ingesting network data
Omar Elabd
  • NIST-40 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Reviewed Documentation
  • implemented (minus regional and Testing) Campbell-Bozorgnia 14
  • Discovered Issues with Roadway Damage Analysis (a different PGD should be used)
Yan Zhao
  • SEAD
    • CATS-384
    • CATS-388
  • MSC
    • glomerulus detect – PCA & SVM based on center; cut windows; find Bowman’s space;
  • SEAD
    • CATS-384
    • CATS-388
  • MSC
    • glomerulus detect – PCA & SVM based on center; cut windows; find Bowman’s space;
Maxwell Burnette


  • finish deploying tool launcher functionality to dev instance
  • get sample metadata from Danforth/MAC
  • Globus discussion


  • look at current API code and discuss enhancements
  • Demo'd initial tool launcher functionality to TERRA team, SEAD group
  • Meetings on Tuesday
  • Continuing further development of tool launcher ("analysis environment launcher") based on feedback
  • Created terra dev branch of clowder to facilitate pushing code in progress to TERRA Dev instance for Danforth to begin developing/testing pipeline script.
Eugene Roeder