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Domain ToolTypeDescriptionRepositoriesContactDeployed?










Historical River Extractor ( 
GDAL (ncsa.geo.shpExtractor) Extractor Lee
GDAL (ncsa.geo.tiffExtractor)Extractor Lee
GDAL (ncsa.image.geotiff), Mostafa Elag
ArcGIS (ncsa.arcgis.landsat7mosaic)
ArcGIS (ncsa.arcgis.floodplain)









PEcAn (PEcAn#Ameriflux)
PEcAn (PEcAn#ED2)
PEcAn (PEcAn#Sipnet)
PlantCV (terra.plantcv) Liu
netcdf (ncdump)




Civil & Environmental Engineering

Stanford CoreNLP Sentiment (ncsa.nlp.SNLPSentiment), Marcus(?)

Body of Water Detector (ncsa.image.ponddetect), Ankit
Human Preference Score (ncsa.image.humanpref), Ankit

ncsa.xml.greenindexroute, ncsa.csv.greenindexroute
 census-section-segmentor Extractor, Inna


 LSVA, Constantinos
 LSVA integrated



Calibre (ebook-converter)ConverterConvert e-books to a number of document formats. 

CMU Sphinx (

ExtractorAudio recognition to extract text for speech within audio.
Daffodil (daffodil)ConverterConvert formats with a provided DFDL schema to XML. McHenry
DBPedia (ncsa.dbpedia)ExtractorFind and define named entities within the given text.
FFMPEG (ffmpeg)ConverterConvert between a large number of video formats.
FLAC (flac)ConverterConvert to and from the FLAC format from other audio formats.
Ghostscript (ghostscript)ConverterConvert between document formats.
htmldoc (htmldoc)ConverterConvert HTML to a number of document formats. McHenry
ImageMagick (ImageMagick)ConverterConvert between a large number of image formats. McHenry
ImageMagick (ncsa.image.metadata)ExtractorPull available EXIF image metadata from a given image.
Kabeja (kabeja)ConverterConvert between a handful of 3D and image formats. 

OpenCV - Faces (

ExtractorFind faces in an image and return their locations. McHenry

OpenCV - Eyes (

ExtractorFind eyes in an image and return their locations. McHenry

OpenCV - Closeups (

ExtractorDetermine whether an image is a closeup of a person or not. McHenry

OpenCV - Profiles (

ExtractorFind human face profiles in an image and return their locations. McHenry
Langid (ncsa.nlp.simplelanguage)ExtractorIdentify the language of the given text. 
LibreOffice (unoconv)ConverterConvert to and from a variety of document formats. 
NLTK - Summary (ncsa.nlp.simplesummary)ExtractorSummarize a body of text. 
Siegfried (sigfried)ExtractorExtract information about a given file relevant to identifying its type and validating its format.
Stanford CoreNLP (ncsa.nlp.SNLP)ExtractorNatural Language Process extractions such as parts of speech, named entities, langauge, etc. 
Tesseract (ncsa.image.ocr)ExtractorObject Character Recognition (OCR) to extract text from images containing text. McHenry
Tika (ncsa.nlp.tika)ExtractorDocument extractions such as language identification, ...
txt2html (txt2html)ConverterConvert text documents to HTML. McHenry
Versus - Color Distribution (ncsa.versus.image)ExtractorGenerate a distribution of color values within an image to be used for comparing how similar two images are.

VLFeat (ncsa.image.caltech101)

ExtractorClassify images as to whether they contain objects from the Caltech101 dataset (e.g. people, airplanes, motorcycles, cougars, ...). McHenry
Zip (zip)ConverterUnzip zip archives. McHenry

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