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Jing Ge (KnowEng)

Keep working distributing jobs across clustersGot one way to work using Python module dispy, which is using a master docker to spawn multiple slave dockers on different nodes.


  • NDS-515 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-519 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-493 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-506 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-550 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • NDS-491 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-478 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-325 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • NDS-537 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-538 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-406 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-576: Landing page - Resolved
  • NDS-572: Link to relevant platform documentation from the Workbench UI - Resolved
  • NDS-554: Indicate when API server can't be reached - Resolved
  • NDS-553: UI gives no option for "TCP" ports, even those exposed only internally - Resolved
  • NDS-551: Ensure that breadcrumbs exist for all pages - Resolved
  • NDS-550: Include a read-only view for system / running specs - Closed
  • NDS-549: Change / update navbar brand text and link - Resolved
  • NDS-548: Ensure that help links open in a new tab - Resolved
  • NDS-547: Add per-service "help" link to the dashboard - Resolved
  • NDS-546: Add badges to indicate required volumes / configuration - Resolved
  • NDS-545: Environment tab should be the default on Add/Edit Service - Resolved
  • NDS-544: User should be able to change the default mount path - Resolved
  • NDS-543: Update "Add Service" list to be a dropdown - Resolved
  • NDS-519: Config page refresh resets values - Resolved
  • NDS-516: Add stack/service ID to config page - Resolved
  • NDS-515: Enable shutdown after n minutes - Resolved
  • NDS-506: UI mishandles some routes on auth/unauth - Resolved
  • NDS-503: Can't add iRODS Cloudbrowser as optional service - Resolved
  • NDS-502: Exported specs have extraneous fields - Resolved
  • NDS-497: Service key should be limited to 17 characters - Resolved
  • NDS-495: Update spec names / descriptions - Resolved
  • NDS-493: "Manage Files" throws exception when FileManager shutting down - Resolved
  • NDS-491: Write / update UI test plans - Resolved
  • NDS-478: Explore the nuances of performance testing - Resolved
  • NDS-185: User should be able to change their Project login password - Resolved
  • Christine visit
  • Prepare for Bob's visit
  • Follow up on Moesta data and NCSA hosted datasets
  • Prepare for NDS/WT meeting
  • Follow up on NDS report
  • Follow up with NDSC6 demos
  • Begin discussing WP 1.2
  • Christine visit
  • Prepare for Bob's visit
  • Follow up on Moesta data and NCSA hosted datasets
  • Follow up on NDS report
  • finish the template with MDF description, data ingestion, screenshots
  • contact faculty on the NDS/MDF list

David Raila (Psi TerraFusion)

  • PSi - Work with Venkat/Yu to get their current code in 3-way integration with horizontal scaling of the longest model.   More docs and examples for model programmers guide
  • TerraF - Initialize the github and get Landon organized, dig more into the data and HDF.
  • NDS - Complete sprint tickets,  discuss possible improvements to help operations.  
  • NDS-542: glfs peer probe timing issue - Resolved
  • NDS-348: Implement backup of glusterfs global filesystem - In Progress

Craig Willis (TERRA)



  • NDS-580: API server "latest" image will not start correctly - Closed
  • NDS-558: Stack trace on GET /account from CLI - Resolved
  • NDS-541: Ingress rules not being deleted - Resolved
  • NDS-540: Update LMA ingress - Resolved
  • NDS-538: Dataverse problems - In Progress
  • NDS-537: Can't stop stack with service in error state - Closed
  • NDS-531: Stack trace attempting to add service from a spec with long key - Resolved
  • NDS-526: Use/add official images for all Clowder extractors, where possible - In Review
  • NDS-523: Add "useFrom" to config objects for shared configuration - Resolved
  • NDS-513: API server loads services even if their dependencies are missing - Resolved
  • NDS-501: AppData directories should be named after the services - Resolved
  • NDS-500: API server crash loop backoff if admin account exists - Resolved
  • NDS-483: Ingress controller doesn't detect changes to basic-auth secret  - Resolved
  • NDS-477: Explore the nuances of monitoring and alerts - Resolved
  • NDS-471: Create preliminary demo video of beta NDS Labs - Closed
  • NDS-466: Re-enable storage quotas - Resolved
  • NDS-325: Review LaTiS Pull Request - In Progress
  • NDS-317: Stack service resource limit defaults are too high - In Progress



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