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WhoPlan for the week (Monday)Accomplished (Friday)

Jing Ge (KnowEng)

  • Study AWS lambda service
  • Meet with solution architect from Amazon to discuss how to incorporate AWS to KnowEng platform
  • Did small tests using AWS lambda service: pack python source file and its related libraries and using AWS lambda interface to execute code.
  • Performance investigation on Fisher test running on AWS machine.
  • Update docker base image:
    • remove matplotlib library from base image.
    • remove related source code and test code in Sample_clustering_pipeline.
    • update other downstream docker images


  • NDS-157 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Any other necessary changes for the SC16 demo
    • Waiting on mounted data and example notebooks


  • TBD
  • NDS-677: Can't docker build in Docker app - Closed
  • NDS-567: Add Cantaloupe service - Closed
  • NDS-352: Groovy-Flavored Java Developer Environment - Closed
  • NDS-203: Cluster administrator can view cluster-wide resource utilization - UI - Closed
  • NDS-201: User can view quotas and usage - UI - Closed
  • NDS-200: Cluster admin can add/update/remove projects and services - UI - Closed
  • NDS-198: Cluster admin can login - UI - Closed
  • NDS-197: Cluster administrator can specify project memory, CPU, and storage limits - UI - Closed
  • NDS-157: Investigate Unit/E2E testing for GUI - In Progress
  • South Big Data Hub presentation
  • SC16 demo followup
  • South Big Data Hub presentation
  • SC16 demo followup
  • learning Globus API programming
  • e-mail to prof. Leal
  • elasticsearch

David Raila



  • CiSi:   small fixes to platform, enable multiple and parallel experiment runs
  • TerraF:  Help with basic fusion codes - looking toward integration
  • NDS:  update/solidify workbench support:  filesystem,  clusterOS,  multi-site  etc.
  • NDS-535: Intermittent "no data available" error from Gluster - Reopened
  • NDS-348: Implement backup of glusterfs global filesystem - In Progress
  • NDS-262: Stress-testing on prototype GlusterFS - In Progress

Craig Willis (TERRA)

  • TERRA: preparation for upcoming meeting. Mainly sensor metadata and documentation.
  • SC16: Whatever is needed for the demo
  • NDS: Future sprint planning
  • NDS-653: Extra endpoints listed on shutdown - In Review
  • NDS-638: Password recovery not working - In Review
  • NDS-621: UI shows endpoint when access=internal - In Review
  • NDS-611: Confirm basic UI function across browsers - In Review
  • NDS-586: Create final demo videos for NDS Labs Workbench - Closed
  • NDS-560: Update per service Wiki documents with configuration instructions - In Review
  • NDS-482: Pegasus workflow service - Closed
  • NDS-427: CKAN service - Closed
  • NDS-317: Stack service resource limit defaults are too high - In Progress
  • NDS-275: Explore using Google Analytics to examine and improve UX - In Review



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