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Jing Ge (KnowEng)

  • Keep working on memory profiling for Gene_Prioritization_Pipeline and GeneSet_Characterization_Pipeline
  • Using different Python memory_profiler to profile memory usage for each function. Tools including Valgrind, memory_profiler, heapy, top and htop.
  • Manually calculated size of every single variable and compared with existing tool as suggested.
  • Created a formula which can indicate the estimated memory usage given input data size respectively.

Development / Discussion

  • NDS-668 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-691 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • NDS-630 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • NDS-691: Explore what happens when bad things happen - In Progress
  • NDS-600: Add nagios monitoring to master - In Review
  • NDS-534: Is the Ansible "forks" parameter set too high? - Resolved
  • NDS-367: Revisit Eclipse Che - Reopened
  • NDS-275: Explore using Google Analytics to examine and improve UX - Resolved
  • NDS-157: Investigate Unit/E2E testing for GUI - Resolved
  • Brown Dog review prep
  • DIBBs proposal
  • brainstorming for a new proposal
  • Globus API
  • mdf VM on Nebula update
  • NDS-697: Disable CoreOS updates/reboot in ansible - Resolved
  • NDS-693: Test Gluster sharding config - Resolved
  • NDS-395: Starting Mongo with GFS quota enabled crashes GFS - Closed
  • NDS-262: Stress-testing on prototype GlusterFS - In Progress
  • NDS-223: Site admin can deploy Gluster services as Kubernetes services - Resolved
  • Assisting with DIBBs proposal

Craig Willis (TERRA)

  • NDS-703: Promdash deployment via Ansible is not idempotent - In Review
  • NDS-695: Disable IPv6 - In Review
  • NDS-674: Add pyClowder development environment - Closed
  • NDS-668: Investigate load issues on LMA node - In Review
  • NDS-660: Investigate issues on beta master node - In Review
  • NDS-642: Fix issues reported by Qualys - Closed
  • NDS-630: Change NRPE config to support custom limits - Closed
  • NDS-348: Implement backup of glusterfs global filesystem - In Review
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