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Welcome Back Everyone! Here is to a great week!


WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday

add logs to unoconv bash script and investigate the timeout issue.

fix clowder submit dataset to extractors.

fix clowder file page preview to show georeferences


Figure out kubespray at SDSC...

BD-1871 - Choose clusters in clusterman

Get Continuous deployment working for Brown Dog Clusterman

  • Cover Crop
    • Help prepare video for Dec. 2nd demo
  • Ergo/KISTI
    • Conference paper writing
    • Continue working on tornado modeling for version 2
    • Review prototype
  • Other
    • Continue working on datawolf token access
  • Cover Crop
    • Code review, showed demo to team for feedback, deployed latest
  • Ergo - worked on conference paper
  • IN-Core
    • Added an IN-Core person provider that can talk to Kong and worked on modifying the datawolf editor so ldap users through Kong could be used for accounts. Modified the LoginResource to create accounts by referring to a person through their ID or email.
    • Investigated idea that datawolf should talk to the service layer instead of DAOs to allow more flexibility in decoupling parts of the datawolf system.
  • Other - Worked on datawolf authentication and using a token provider to allow clowder/kong/datawolf to provide token access


  • Abstract for Science Gateways webinar
  • Finalize ETK migration to Jetstream
  • Continued work on quickstart feature


  • Stabilize post Nebula outage
  • Add monitoring to WB nodes
  • Update documentation

Whole Tale:

  • Terraform NFS server
  • Terraform deploy of check-mk agent 

Faculty Fellowship

  • Confirm BW access


  • Finalized ETK migration
  • Broadsided by RDA and NSF proposals
  • Quickstart feature to initial review


  • Continued Nebula troubleshooting (iscsi problem)
  • Still need to update docs and add minitoring

Whole Tale

  • Nearly complete NFS server deploy

Faculty fellowship

  • Worked with PI on BW access

  •  Build ElasticSearch on KnowEnG server
  •  Build JupyterHub server on KnowEnG server
  •  Setup basic ElasticSearch engine on KnowEnG server and experimented basic functions of building index
  • Built JupyterHub server on KnowEnG server and was able to set up two way authentication (PAM and GitHub)
  • Mayo presentation
  • ISDA forecasting and stats
  • HR
  • Mayo meting
  • ISDA forecasting and stats
  • RDA proposal
  • HR
  • GLM demo at EPA Chicago and releases
  • PSP data ingestion
  • GLM demo went well
  • GLM 3.2 released
  • PSP data ingestion finished
  • Clowder 1.3.3 in the works
  •  gltg
    • finish and prep for demo
  • vbd
    • standup initial instance of web app
  • gltg - demo prep
  • vbd - set up web app skin in flask
  • terra ongoing processing
  • switchboard rulechecker extractor to reduce rabbitMQ traffic
  • unit testing pull request
  • pyclowder2 pull request
  • deployed switchboard extractor to replace 4 busy RMQ queues
  • unit testing review & terra extractor refactoring discussions
  • PEARC18 abstract
  • TERRA presentation prep for Monday software meeting
  • MDF
    • search functions, work on pull requests
    • Sphinx strings
    • OpenSEES building example
    • documentation
  • NCSA faculty
    • explore Prof Schleife's GitHub repository, run the code with metadata definition and graphs
  • MDF
    • done author, contributor, contact
    • outreach, e-mail Prof. Cahill
    • no
    • not the building but other Tcl files, on Mac,
    • improved Ubuntu VM with OPenSeesMP compiled
    • yes, detailed compilation procedure
  • NCSA faculty
    • metadata yes, not run
  • NDS
    • Continue UI code splitting, test all the things
  • KnowEnG
    • Finish up Spreadsheet Visualizer:
      • distribution graphs should be the last major piece
      • row labels (optional)
  • Crops in Silico
    • Explore DataWolf executing cisrun
  • NDS
  • KnowEnG
  • Crops in Silico
    • Thought a lot about cisrun in DataWolf
      • The current cisrun CLI tool will not scale to multiple users, so I'm hestiant in fleshing this out further until we know how to resolve the integrations issues
  • GLM
    • Pull Requests
  • GLTG
    • Re-run Parser for Flux Tower
    • Re-run Parser for Allerton non-Decagon 
    • Abstract with Luigi
  • GLM
    • Pull Requests
  • GLTG
    • Re-ran Parser for Flux Tower
    • Re-ran Parser for Allerton non-Decagon 
    • Discussed the Abstract with Luigi
  • Water Network
  • MRA
  • WNTR Debugging
  • Water Network Monte Carlo Convergence
  • JIRA Sprints
  • VSL
  • HR duties
  • GLM Demo
  • Cover Crop Demo
  • In-Core v2 feature review
  • Review Paper?
  • JIRA Sprints
  • VSL
  • HR duties
  • GLM Demo
  • Cover Crop Demo
  • Brown Dog abstract help
  • Mailing list problems
  • MIS tools

  •  BD
    • LDAP Authentication for Tools Catalog
  • GLM
    • GEOD-1015: datapoints search: out of memory.

  •  BD
    • fix mscp01
  • GLM
    • ingest H & G data

  • Update data upload process to automatically check and have GUID
  • Deploy the new data repository service and dump the data again
  • Modify clowder geotiff extractor to use geotiff's original style if they have.
  • Test Geoserver CWS plugin
  • Update data upload process to automatically check and have GUID
  • Updated new data repository dump method with new dataset structure
  • Modified the extractor code for checking the geotiff's original color table
  • Excluded the mvz metadata in data dump process and save it as a separate database
  • Tested Geoserver CWS plugin