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WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday

Fix some outstanding bugs in Brown Dog Fence

Complete migration of NDS Workbench API server to the Kubernetes GO client.

Present Terraform/Kubespray process to Cluster Orchestration working group on Friday

  • Cover Crop - code review, review confluence wiki pages from dev meeting
  • Ergo/KISTI - conference paper
  • IN-Core - Code review, year 3 write-up as needed, document datawolf refactoring to support v2
  •  Cover Crop
    • Reviewed open pull requests
    • reviewed wiki meeting notes from internal meeting
    • bi-weekly meeting
  • Ergo/KISTI
    • Ergo conference paper providing overview of platform
  • IN-Core
    • Reviewed text for IN-Core conference paper
    • Code review, updated my PR for building damage
    • Documented datawolf refactoring on confluence
  • General
    • Created custom datawolf script to automatically update specific datawolf instances for attributes like CORS, added debug option for datawolf executors
    • Reviewed Ergo report for directors office


  • ETK Jetstream troubleshooting
  • Globus auth prototype
  • Release 1.1 testing/packaging


  • ROGER move/reprocessing
  • Documentation


  • Jetstream troubleshooting
  • Monitoring improvements

Faculty fellowship

  • Facilitate data transfer to BW


  • Recovered ETK, although underlying problem still not resolved.
  • Preliminary Globus provider for bitly/oauth2_proxy done
  • Release 1.1 still in progress


  • ROGER move complete, mounts moved. Still need to complete reprocessing.
  • No work on documentation this week.


  • Jetstream problem resolved.
  • Added check_mk monitor to dev cluster.
  • Still need to implement swarm-specific monitors

Faculty fellowship:

  • Finally have access to BW. Met with Co-PI on project to start planning.

  •  BD-1892 Track Extractor Defs in Tool Catalog
 Track Extractor Defs in Tool Catalog -finished, PR created. Had meetings with Ben and Bing to discuss the functinality and demonstrate the changes.
  • NCSA Annual report
  • Prepare Clowder framework slide deck for Bill with Luigi
  • Review Industry effort phase II
  • Review BD tutorial materials
  • Finalize SSA newsletter
  • Finalize ISDA stats
  • NCSA Annual report
  • Sent Clowder slide deck to Bill
  • Reviewed Industry effort phase II
  • Completed SSA Newsletter
  • More work done on ISDA stats
  • Started review of BD tutorial materials.
  • HR
  • SMM Clowder instance
  • PSP
    • Data munging and cleanup
    • Clowder bug fixes
  • BD
    • PR reviews
    • Clowder-Fence API keys
    • Lidar data ingestion
    • Simplified V3 view
  • GLTG & GLM
    • PR reviews
  • SMM Clowder setup, needs more configuration
  • PSP
    • Fixes deployed
  • BD
    • PR reviews
    • Issue with lidar data ingestion
  • GLTG & GLM
    • Helped with slow GLTG
  •  vbd
    • finish point mir data
    • add region shape files
  • gltg
    • subdomain for illinois
    • parse data from cron
  • hyperspectral processing on ROGER before shutdown
  • branch of terraref admin formalizing many batch operation scripts for annual reprocessing
  • review & cleanup of 3 science package pull requests for TERRA
  • migration of extractors to point at storage condo
  • MDF
    • search functions, work on pull requests
    • Argonne Wednesday
    • Sphinx doc strings
  • KIST
    • Python OpenSeesMP
  • Faculty Fellowship
    • learn machine learning random forest
  • MDF
    • done for now
    • yes, talked to Jonathon about new metadata (person) description using DCite
    • test environment, branch, started
  • KIST
    • paper read
  • Faculty Fellowship
    • no, talk to Andre on the way to Argonne
  • NDS
    • Address any issues found in review of NDS-1094 (UI modularization / refactoring)
  • KnowEnG
  • Crops in Silico
    • Think more about how NoFlo UI or DataWolf could work with cisrun
    • Write a Kubernetes Job YAML wrapping containerized cisrun
    • Attempt to call out to Kubernetes API from the API server via their official Python client
  • NDS
      • Filed several JIRA issues resulting from the UI refactoring
      • Reviewed several of my assigned tasks
      • Discussion surrounding OAuth2 support in workbench
  • KnowEnG
    • Other tasks held off due to certain merge conflict (Matt's suggestion)
  • Crops in Silico
    • Discussed API changes with Meagan on Friday
    • Wrote a Kubernetes Job YAML wrapping containerized cisrun
    • Holding off on Kubernetes side of things until UI is more functional
  • GLTG
    • Priority:
    • If Time/Paused:
    • Re-run Parser for Flux Tower
    • Re-run Parser for Allerton non-Decagon 
  •  GLTG
    • Re-ran Parser for Flux Tower
    • Re-ran Parser for Allerton non-Decagon 

Nathan Casler

  • MRA Code
  • Code Reviews
  • Convergence Code Review
  • Water Network Python Implementation
  • Pull Request Review
  • In-Core v2 Front-End Fixes/Changes
  • Convergence Review


  • HUBZero Backup and Update
  • ADS/Condo Storage Maintenance
  • KnowEnG Platform Prod Update


  • HUBZero Backup and Update
  • ADS/Condo Storage Maintenance
  • KnowEnG Platform Prod Update
  • WordPress Theme Update and License purchase
  • HUBZero Portal Customization
  • Brown Dog report
  • HR tasks
  • Interviews
  • Position Profiles
  • GLTG planning
  • Brown Dog task overview
  • IN-Core work plan setup?
  • Make geoserver uplading process has a name as file name and title as database id
  • Convert hindcast code to python
  • Research cws method
  • Modified geo extractor to keep the original name when uploaind to geoserver
  • Added csw information to geo extractor metadata