During Prohibition, moonshiners would wear "cow shoes." The fancy footwear left hoofprints instead of footprints, helping distillers and smugglers evade police.


WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday


General: Getting back in the swing of things


  • Condor prototype
  • Fullfield analysis

Whole Tale

  • Backup PR


  • CSSI proposal
  • PI4 instance?
Gowtham Naraharisetty

  • Clowder 1.4 and 2.0 refactoring
  • Geodashboard PRs
  • Syngenta meetings and tasks
  • SMM Clowder previewer
  •  vbd
    • finish daylight hours for new states
  • gltg
    • create deploy v3 branch for pointing to clowder geostreaming api
  • GLTG
    • Re-run Parsers for Flux Tower and Allerton non-Decagon
  • Fiture out how to secure the connection to geoserver
  • Work on web mapping in jupyterlab
  • Update incore jupyterlab docker
  • Update kuberenetes with newer docker