Static pages: About Page / Welcome page

Code to configure each dashboard

Should be able to turn it on and turn it off

How do you provide the content?


Welcome/About page content

Great Lakes to Gulf:  Page should describe the project and then have links to each state as we deploy them

GLTG can have list of dashboard on the welcome page

Update GLTG About page to include Illinois EPA as collaborator

Still need: GLM- done

do we need an About on the IMLCZO Geodashboard? (there is an about on their landing page) - don't need


Landing pages


Would contain not only information on Project but supplementary tools utilized and what?



Zooplankton Graphs - Stacked Bar Graphs - migrated

Tooltip on points for the line graphs


TrendsBackend for Exploratory analysis on geo-temporal-api-v3

^ is this right?

TrendsBinning by season and trends by station - In Review

UI cleanup

Styling for the page header - done

Detail page user options - not started


Model running

Ideally this should be its own separate web app

Ideally this should be a datawolf react/npm module that gets included in the app


Deploy for each instance

Prod setup: still needs done for GLM, GLTG and ILNLRS

Dev setup: GLTG, ILNRS, GLM

IMLCZO - Luigi and Michelle will work on


Deployed to Dev only currently


Goes through Clowder right now -does this need moved to geostreams now?

will this still work at night in v3


Goes thru v3 API - will this still work at night in v3

update binning - can set start date and end date so you don't have to re-do it all

Popup UpdatesMake the list of parameters in the popup longer and the font smaller as per Lisa's design


Online/Offline Sensors

PR in


Hiding sources on explore page


Box Plots for "Combined" GraphNot started - no issue for it yet

Migrate Combined Graph from x to D3In Review

Search Page - Filter by shapeIn search page when a new shape is drawn, show all of the available instead of filtering down from existing
In - Review


I for Information static text on Sources in Explore page need ported over from v2

GLTG Copied




When there is no data available for graph - display graph and show "Do Data Available"

"i" buttons are too big per Kristin - try making it narrower - evaluate other visualizations?too much information for an "i" text?

Fonts in Popups?Check viz

Hide Box plots?Need discussion

Detail Page - show with varying QA/QC levels on the line