A 2013 study suggests that chewing gum boosts concentration.  (I have gum if anyone needs some (smile) )

Friday Lightning Talks: Ruth Sosnoff


WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday

  • First pass at NanoMan form for submitting recipes to MDF
  • Create Blog article about porting Reana Atlas recast demo to Parsl
  • User stories for intelligent data delivery service
  • Learn more about DASK


  • Clowder training material
  • Clowder user propagation
  • Clowder download keys
  • Finish Clowder/Tensorflow interaction
  • Geodashboard and Clowder PRs
  •  SYN - further testing for "all files uploaded" event, PR for the elasticsearch refactoring
  • SYN - wiki page for extractor workflows
  • TERRA - use updated rulechecker to finish 2 new extractors - leafangle and stereo2height
  • TERRA - rgbmask fullfield products & PSQL status
  • TERRA - update docker on workbench machines
  • TERRA - extractor documentation for data release
  • VBD - data comparison from 2 outputs
  • Create incore network dataset
  • Create post method for network dataset
  • Create geoserver ingestion for network dataset
  • Fix pycsw proxy problem
  • Fix pycsw database mounting problem