Fact of the week: Between 90 and 120 balls are used per game in the MLB, and the average lifespan of a baseball is just a few plays, or eight pitches.

Friday Lightning Talks: Frank Henard and Gowtham Naraharisetty

WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday


  • paper due
  • update the parenting machine learning model


  • web app updates
  • semantics services review
  • TBD


    •  - continue
    •  - look into Firebase as an option

INCORE-800: Update Wikibase/Wikidata to include more terms' metadata

INCORE-326: Add building damage analysis to pyincore 

FD-148: Update documentation for landing page and tool fields

  • EFI workshop in Boston
EFI workshop in Boston

  • TERRA - re-run soil_mask fullfields & canopycover to check revised algorithm
  • SYN - plantcv version update check
  • finish Clowder archiving support PR
  • planning meeting for pipeline additional deployment in AZ

  • GLTG
    • In Review:
    • Re-run Parsers for Flux Tower and Allerton non-Decagon
    • In Review:
  • Pull Requests

  • Prepare profile building block presentation
  • Work on flask restful for profile building block
  • Work on Ambassada/Kubernetes incore services
  • Work on pyincore mapping